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Wikki Stix Ultimate Summer Road Trip



If I had a nickel every time somebody mentions summer being around the corner, I wouldn’t be a millionaire or anything. But I’d probably have a couple of bucks to buy some ice cream. My kids’ summer break starts next week, which means we’re already in the final planning stages of our annual vacation.

As much as we always have amazing memories from these trips, getting there is a different story. With three kids crammed in close for several hours, things inevitably happen: touching, complaining of boredom, and somebody (generally not me), pees their pants. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. This year, our family trip will be different. Wikki Stix has come to our rescue just in time for this year’s summer adventure! Add Wikki Stix to your travel plans, and this summer’s road trip will be more memories than stress.

What Are Wikki Stix?

The fun, wax sticks are bendable, moldable, and stickable. You’ve probably seen them before sold in a tube with a couple of dozen sticks in an assortment of rainbow colors. These sticks are perfect for young hands to mold and play with. They are non-toxic while encouraging hand-eye coordination, creativity, literacy, and active engagement. They are light and compact and a perfect travel companion for kids with endless possibilities for play.

Pro Tip: Keep the Kids Entertained

Part of the problem with travel is that there are long periods of time where kids are confined to a small spot. Boredom combined with exhaustion and overstimulation can be a parent’s worst nightmare. But when those kids are entertained and happy in those tight spaces, it can make the miles pass by much more easily for the whole family.

Wikki Stix offers several different kits for travelers of all ages! The award-winning Adventures Across America Board Book is perfect for preschoolers. Kids can learn about the USA with colorful and fun, interactive scenes…each one to be completed with Wikki Stix! Scenes from the Golden Gate Bridge to New York City and fun places in between. Travel with Andy in the Wikki Stix Fun Truck! An educational, hands-on sight-seeing tour! This sturdy board book provides fine motor skill activities for all young fingers and includes 36 Wikki Stix.


While Adventures Across America is ideal for preschool-aged kids, there are other fun ways to keep older kids entertained and happy while crammed into the backseat. The Lil’ Traveler is a kit complete with 42 craft sticks, two play sheets with games, stickers, and all of it comes inside a sturdy yet compact carrying case perfect for a carry-on or a large handbag. Wikki Stix Traveler is the ultimate deluxe Wikki kit that is packed with 12 pages of games and activities as well as the popular, 144 bendable Wikkis all packed inside a sturdy and colorful carrying case.
And new from Wikki Stix is the Fun Activity Book! The only Activity Book with Wikki Stix! 72 of them…for super hands-on fun. Featuring 28 pages of awesome activities that keep kids happily and quietly engaged…with just the right amount of learning fun. Developed with a kindergarten teacher (30 years) this delightful book provides school readiness skills like visual discrimination, fine motor development, as well as number and literacy awareness, and active engagement. Perfect for summer travel!


In just a few weeks, my whole family will be heading out into the great wide open. There will be five of us packed into our vehicle along with our luggage, snacks, books, and whatever form of entertainment we think will keep us occupied for the longest time.

Wikki Stix Presents Adventures Across America from Wikki Stix on Vimeo.

Giveaway! The Wikki Stix Adventures Across America Virtual Board Game! Each week for 10 weeks beginning May 18, 2018, you can follow Andy and the Wikki Stix Fun Truck to identify a location along the way. Enter each week for your chance to WIN one FULL POUND of Wikki Stix and the Adventures Across America Board Book.  A new winner each week! 


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Rachael Pineiro

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Ali - We Made This Life

Ah I’ve seen wax strips like this before, but not books that go with them, what a great idea, this would keep my kids busy for sure!


Great reading these your posts.

Hannah Wood

I love this book so good for the kids to do and never seen one before.


These look really good for little ones to keep them busy at home when they are stuck indoors. I think they would probably be great for entertaining mine when we are travelling. They love this sort of thing.

Amalia Silva

I have never heard of them but they are fantastic, good for learning and also for develop creativity skill, need this for long flights!!

Elizabeth O

This looks like a lovely book for the littles to enjoy. It looks like it will keep them occupied for a long while.


I have seen Wiki Stix around before but was curious how they work. They seem like a fun toy to get the kids for summer, I will have to pick them up!


My daughter loves Wikki Stix! I agree that they come really handy for travel!


These instructions books is something which makes it unique from different wax strips in market. Very engaging toy for kids it is!


This looks like a fun book! Surely, kids will enjoy going through them.


this will keep them occupied for sure 🙂 thank you for sharing this post 🙂


every day a new invention. I have never knew about this before. Looks certainly a great idea to keep the children busy

Alison Rost

This will definitely make any child happy! I love the concept because it brings out a child’s imagination and creativity! Definitely a nice gift for them especially this summer.

Jennifer Prince

What fun things for kids to play with. Not messy, yet stick to the books. So creative!!

Di Hickman

Ok I learned something today as I’ve seen these and didn’t know what the heck they were called! They look fun for kids for sure!


That’s a creative and fun way to keep kids busy. Pure genius. I am sure kids are going to love this !!

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