AI Image Generators: the New Must-Have for All Creatives and Crafters


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Whatever your opinions are about AI tools, they are here to stay. Despite creative people’s initial misgivings about them, they can actually work to our benefit. Yes, we said it – using AI image generators for creatives and crafters is the new must-have tool. 

Still not convinced? In this blog, we present 5 reasons why AI image generators are a must-have for creators and crafters. Along the way, we’ll provide you with possible applications of different image generator tools that you can incorporate into your workflow right now.

1. AI image generators boost productivity

Creatives and crafters are no strangers to dry creative spells. Instead of fully succumbing to an artistic block, you can use AI image generators like CF Spark Art, Midjourney, and other diffusion-based text-to-image generators to create even when you feel uninspired. In the process, seeing your initial concepts come to life can inspire you to work on the generated image further, boosting your productivity and creativity at the same time.

2. AI image generators can help you experiment faster

Experimenting is crucial to any creative endeavor, but sometimes, we just don’t have the time, especially if we’re working within a strict timeline. With AI image generators, you can always squeeze in even just an hour a day just experimenting with different concepts without cutting into your production time. For example, coming up with different background pattern ideas for your scrapbooking project or digital planner can take an enormous amount of time if you do it manually. If you use CF Spark Patterns, you can test out variances of seamless repeatable images to instantly find out which pattern suits your design best.

3. Certain AI image generators can produce specific types of graphics faster

Generating illustrations and images as certain file types can be tedious. Thankfully, with AI image generators, you can cut the process in half. Some AI image generators like CF Spark Crystalline specialize in creating PNG cut files for crafting. You can use such cut files for your die cutting projects and for designing specific products like stickers and decals. 

4. You can present more detailed prototypes for client approvals

Getting client approvals is one of the most important tasks of any professional creative, but it can also be the most frustrating. Often a sketched prototype is not enough to get them on board. Using AI image generators to produce a preview for your final concept can help bridge the gap. You can also use image generators to come up with different studies for your clients to choose from.

5. AI image generators can help you refresh old images

Adding a trendy spin on a branding material is an effective way to freshen up a brand’s look. There are AI image generators that are specifically designed to remix existing images. For example, with CF Spark ImageMix, you can feed your own digital asset or one you’ve created previously with CF Spark Art and get different variations from the original. Artbreeder’s Splicer allows you to ‘crossbreed’ your base image to create random or controlled variations.

Using AI Image Generators doesn’t make you less of a creative or crafter. If anything, it proves that you’re a forward-thinker, which is a crucial characteristic of anyone in the creative industry. Be open to new tools and learn how you can incorporate them into your process so that you can come out a better creator.

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