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Since in the inception of internet, new technology is being piped into smartphones every day. No balancing act is more nuanced than marinating an effective use of technology for kids, as there is a very unclear line that enacts as boundary around parenting and kid’s privacy. For adolescents, privacy comes as a form of independence, with their cell phones becoming a link to their social life.

According to latest research, around 78 percent of the children, particularly teens own smartphones. Smartphone usage allows them to access a vast pool of content brought together by internet and various free chat applications, that have added an essence to their entertainment. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for parents to monitor cell phone activities of their kids to ensure their safety.

We’ve seen many parents get squeamish about child monitoring as they believe they are intruding their kid’s privacy but it is imperative to keep an eye on kids to avoid them from indulging in inappropriate behavior. That is why there is a global appetite for spying apps to protect your tech-savvy kids from social evils.

There is a plethora of spy apps in the market that enable parents to keep tabs on kids’ digital behavior. Among them, Xnspy is currently dominating the monitoring spectrum because of its covert monitoring features. Earlier, we posted a detailed review of this iPhone spy app so today, looking at the increased rate of android phones users, we’ll discuss the android version of the monitoring software.

So here it goes!

Getting started with Xnspy

To begin with, you have to create an online subscription account by navigating its website. Once the online account is made, then you must install the device in the target phone. Installation process is same for all android phones whether rooted or non-rooted. Physical access of the kid’s phone is mandatory to launch the app. there is a clear set of instructions to help the users walk through the installation process. Unlike other spy apps, Xnspy does not require any configuration or license codes for verification during the installation. It is a cinch to install and takes about 3-5 minutes for the app to get running in the target phone.

Xnspy being the best android spying app is powerful yet intuitive. It has a user-friendly interface and is specifically designed for less savvy parents. It aims to monitor and report target activities undetectable. once installed in the target phone, it quietly runs in the background, without interrupting the cell phone functions.

Enhanced functionality of the spy app

Though there are many ethical and moral considerations regarding spying, it serves a genuine purpose when monitoring kids. The raison d’être for using Xnspy is that is offers remote and discreet spying. there is a web-based control panel in the app that transfers all the target information to the user device. This control panel is called online dashboard that can be remotely accessed at any place and time and ensures real-time monitoring of the target.

What’s interesting is the fact that Xnspy offers stealth to its customers. So your child will never know he’s being spied on and you can easily become a cool parent while maintaining your trust with the kid, a luxury that many parents can’t afford in this digital era. The app icon remains hidden in the target phone and cannot be retrieved by your child. Thus, Xnspy uses unobtrusive ways to conduct remote and permission-less spying.

Some ubiquitous features of Xnspy

Xnspy is a handy monitoring tool that offers state-of-the-art features to parents. It offers all the features a best android spying app promises to deliver. From determining whom your child is chatting to in the wee hours to protecting them from being victims to cyberbullying and sexting, to being aware of their involvement in drug abuse, these features give you a complete insight into your child’s life.

Below is the list of a few features that Xnspy offers to its customers.

  • Monitor call logs to determine the record of all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls along with the call details including name of the caller, their contact number, call duration, etc.
  • Read text messages as well as chat conversations from WhatsApp, Skype, Line, etc. to determine the message correspondence of your child.
  • Track his GPS location to keep a watchful eye on his whereabouts. This depicts his exact address with a mapped view. To create a virtual barricade on your child, use geo-fencing.
  • View the online activities of the target by monitoring the browsed websites. Also monitor social media activities of kids by looking into their social media accounts including Instagram, Tinder, Kik, etc.

Some exciting add-ons for the parents

  • Watch-list alerts: Parents can add keywords, caller names, or specific locations in the control panel to receive alerts when an unauthorized activity is taking place in the target phone.
  • Phone and surrounding recordings: Automated recordings are done to listen to the phonic conversations of the child and their surroundings to hear the in-room conversations taking place.
  • Remote commands: Parents can make remote commands to the control panel to wipe of data from target phone, lock the phone screen, delete some apps from the phone, or take live-screenshots of the phone.


It’s scary to let children venture into the wilds of a smartphone unsupervised. Even before the invention of tech gizmos, parents had been looking into the kid’s room. Today, we have spying apps like Xnspy that provide strict surveillance. Being affordable and convenient, this monitoring app has gained popularity in a short time since its emergence. If you’re concerned about your child’s privacy then don’t be, because a spying app is the only thing that lets you stand between your child and the many dangers associated with smartphones.


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