5 Tips to preparing for a roof replacement


So you’ve decided that it’s time for your house to get a new roof. Some families do it to update the look of their home. Others do it to fix their old and damaged roofs. Whatever the reason is, getting a new roof will do your house good. It’s one of the best home improvement projects. It increases the value of your house. It also protects your family from health hazards such as mildew and mold.

Roofing Lawrenceville seems like a daunting task for any home owner. There are two ways to overcome this challenge. Getting connected with the right contractor is first. Next is preparing your home for the roof installation process. Follow the 5 tips below to ensure you and your family is ready for this major renovation:

  • Prepare your home’s exterior

When the contractor comes to your home, they’ll bring a lot with them. There’ll be dumpsters, trucks, porta-potties, and other equipment. Prepare the outside of your home by clearing the driveway for them. They need space to park, to put up their porta-potties, and enough clearing to easily haul roofing materials. Make sure to move or cover any items that will be within 20 feet of the construction zone. This includes outdoor furniture, play sets, and potted plants. Trees should be covered if they’re going to distract the process. Basically, you want to ensure the workers have a clean and clear working ground. Any valuables that may be damaged by the construction should be kept safe. Investing in a roof is essential to be safe. Keep a sharp eye whether it needs inspection, repairing or replacement. You need to seek competent companies provide quality service. Distinctive Roofing is an excellent choice to get these things done.

  • Prepare your home’s interior

An exterior renovation doesn’t spare the indoors of your home. Some items could potentially get damaged during the installation. The constant pounding and hammering could shake the ceiling, spreading dust all over. Cover any furniture and valuables that may be vulnerable to dust coming from the ceiling. Anything that you think could break during the hammering period should be kept in a safe location. Hanging fixtures, wall frames, and mirrors should be removed in the meantime.

  • Prepare for the noise and mess

It’s not a joke the noise that construction sites produce. Add the mess that’s invariably part of the process and you have to decide how much of it you can live with. If it will bother you and it will make it hard for you to concentrate, you can opt to stay somewhere else for the meantime.

  • Warn your neighbors

It’s not just you and your family who’s going to be affected by the construction. Think of your neighbors too. As courtesy, inform them at least a week before that there’s going to be some major renovation happening to your home. Warn them that there will be noise and a bit of traffic. Having the initiative to do this sets a positive tone and gives them time to prepare. If you live in a tight neighborhood, then your neighbors definitely need to prepare for it as well. They may need to cover trees from their yard, and move a couple of outdoor fixtures too. If needed, they may also need to move their cars.

  • Keep your children and pets safe

A construction zone is a safety hazard for children. All the materials – ladders, nails, hammers, and sharp objects may attract them. Keep them safe by reminding them not play around the house in the meantime. Watch them closely and supervise them at all times. If they’re much younger, you may want to consider moving out for a while to avoid any accidents.

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