10 Reasons Why You Should Make Faith a Part of Your Child


Raising a child is one of the most difficult jobs. What’s even more challenging is raising your child so she is a capable and caring individual when she grows up. Besides taking care of your child’s needs for food, shelter, and education, you should also consider showing your child the value of FaithGiant throughout her young years. Here are 10 reasons why faith is an essential piece of shaping your child for a bright future.

1. Values

One of the biggest reasons parents choose to raise their children with a belief in faith has to do with values. If you raise your children and follow the principles set by the church and the Bible, your child will learn the basics of right and wrong. She will also learn about compassion, strength, generosity, and philanthropy through all of the teachings of the Bible. This is one of the best ways you can help set up a strong foundation for your child to be a good person as an adult.

2. Family

Another reason why so many parents stress faith as something to be valued in their child’s life is because of family. A strong bond in marriage is the basic building block of your family, and faith is an essential part of this idea. Seeing the relationship between faith and your family can help give your child a strong example to look up to.

3. Friends

Faith also plays a role in your child’s ability to make and keep friends. As she grows older and enters middle and high school, her friends may make poor choices that could put her at risk. Children with a strong background in their church and their religion can be better equipped to pick friends who are more focused on positive pursuits. Friendships made in church groups and activities can help your child develop lasting relationships with peers.

4. Interests

Your child may develop several different interests during her young life. Many community churches offer families a variety of activities to try to help cultivate some of these interests. At your local church, you may be able to participate in scouting groups, Bible study, community organizations, and more to help your child develop into a well-rounded individual.

5. Mental Health

While physical health is important in your child’s life, it’s also wise to not ignore your child’s mental health. Some studies have shown that a strong sense of faith actually improves mental and emotional health. Today’s children have much more stress and pressure than their parents ever struggled with. It’s best to help your child deal with these issues with a continued focus on their faith and relationship with God.  

6. Scholarship

If you want to help your child prepare best for challenging courses and a college education, youth programs based on faith may be able to provide assistance. Many church programs for children help children learn about the historical background of the Bible and Jesus Christ. This close study helps give your child the tools to analyze and learn in their secular education.

7. Worldliness

The idea of being a global citizen is something that can also stem from a solid background in faith. As your child matures, your church can help prepare her for the world by sending her out on mission assignments outside of the country. She could also help out by pairing with religious organizations like the way international to learn more about faith’s impact on the community and the world.

8. Understanding

Faith can also help your child develop a better understanding of philosophy and her own purpose in life. Without any beliefs it may be hard for a child to truly realize the impact of her own choices. She may struggle with traumatic events in life such as a death in the family or a divorce. Faith can help give your child answers during tough times.

9. Legacy

Making faith an important part of your life can also help create a family legacy. Just as your parents taught you about the importance of faith, your instruction and guidance in faith can continue the legacy of family values and ideals through the future generations of your family. This creates stronger bonds and more meaningful moments over time.

10. Traditions

Families that practice faith also have stronger traditions. Holidays that celebrate Jesus, such as Christmas and Easter, are much more special if your children know the real meaning behind these days. Weddings and new babies are much more joyous when faith is part of the picture. Traditions that celebrate rituals of faith, such as baptisms, confirmations, and coming of age ceremonies create even more memorable moments in your child’s life.

Before you bring a child into this world, think about what faith means to you and how you were raised with your religion. It’s important to make a plan that puts faith first in your child’s life to help her grow into a capable and confident adult.


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