How You Can Monetize Your Blog Using Native Ads


There are several ways bloggers can make money online. The most common and important from the array of choices is advertising. While ad revenue is a great option to explore, it’s not ideal if it comes at the expense of your reader’s experience.  

But what if we told you that you could generate ad revenue and maintain the sanctity of your website’s user experience? You’re probably thinking that it sounds too good to be true. Cross our hearts and hope to die, it’s true! The answer is here is Native Advertising.

So what exactly is Native Advertising and why is it so important?

Native ads are ads that are created to blend in with the look and form of your website. These ads make sure that your users remain uninterrupted in their experience of consuming your content. Native advertising helps publishers place ads between content rather than placing content between ads.

Often times, ads occupy so much space and are so loud in their appearance that all the effort you’ve put in creating content is all in vain. People neither read the content nor do they click on the ads. In fact, it’s a put off for users, which leads them to leave the website and increasing your bounce rate.

Another thing that is not popular with the users is intrusive and irrelevant ads. Let’s say your website focuses on blogging tips and ideas but the ads displayed are of cars and real estate. The probability that a user on your website will click on those ads is less because their intent is blogging and not real estate hunting. Your readers are more likely to click on ads that fall within the blogging sphere like blog monetization. Hence, native ads coupled with relevancy are directly related to higher engagement and therefore, higher click-through rate (CTR).

The perfect mix

Most ad networks either concentrate on being contextually relevant or being native. There are very few ad networks that give publishers the best of both worlds. One such ad network is We, at Mom Blog Society have consistently received positive feedback about them. With, you won’t be left feeling that the grass on the other side of the fence is greener, because there is no fence. You get the whole pasture! Here are some examples of how ads perfectly blend with the look and feel of a website and offer readers a pleasant user experience by not only being native but also contextual in nature.

How you can monetize your blog using native ads?

How you can monetize your blog using native ads?

Now that you’ve seen what has to offer, let’s understand how they can help you boost your website’s revenue.

Appealing Ad units and right keywords:

Native ads should match the quality and voice of your blog. With ad networks such as, you can custom design your ad units to make them look right at home on your blog. offers a variety of ad skins; you can choose the one that goes best with your website’s theme and design. You can even personalize ad skins and experiment with various colors, sizes etc.

How you can monetize your blog using native ads?

Dedicated account manager

Every publisher with has a dedicated account manager irrespective of the size of the website. So, if you don’t feel like doing this on your own, has you covered. Your account manager at will make sure your ads are engaging and elegant. Apart from helping you with the look and feel of your ad units, your account manager will also constantly monitor your account and help you maximize revenue.

My experience with

I have placed ads on my website and they have blended in extremely well. In fact, they feel like a natural extension of my website. I’ve also spoken with my account rep at several times. He has been nothing but helpful each time. The team at spent about two weeks testing ways to best optimize my website. Also, their optimization team is constantly monitoring my website and offering suggestions that can help the performance of my ads.

While the look and feel is a vital part of native advertising, the right keywords also play a significant role in increasing your CTR. Luckily, with you don’t have to worry about the keywords since it is a contextual ad network. The keywords that your ads show are related to the kind of website you have.

Final take:

Native advertising along with relevant keywords is one of the best ways of monetizing your content. It definitely promises higher engagement as compared to other ad formats. In our opinion, is by far the best contextual ad network that we’ve worked with.

What do you think about Have you given them a shot yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! You can also sign up with them right away and make an extra $100 with your first payout.

How you can monetize your blog using native ads?

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