Why You Need Media.net Ad Units to Maximize Your Revenue


Over the years, we have experimented with several ad platforms. We’ve tried and tested various ad units in different sizes that we’ve placed across multiple spots on our website. Today, I want to share with you my experience using Media.net ads and why they’re the one ad platform we recommend. After being partners with them for almost a year, I can safely say you will see tremendous benefit from placing Media.net ads on your website to get the best from your content.

What’s so special about Media.net ads, you ask?

Media.net is a contextual ad platform that exclusively powers the Yahoo! Bing network. This means that you get exclusive access to over $6 billion worth of search demand, which simply means that no matter how small or large your niche, you will always find quality and apt advertisers for your content.

With Media.net random is out and relevant is in

Why You Need Media.net Ad Units to Maximize Your Revenue

Gone are days of poor user engagement and low revenue that were the direct result of irrelevant and random ads. With Media.net’s contextual ads, relevant is now the name of the game. Say, you run a run a parenting blog that features posts about how to deal with teenagers or which school your toddler should enroll into. Now imagine your readers are seeing ads that offer suggestions on the best travel destination. Something doesn’t fit right here, does it?

You realize that your readers are not interacting with your ad which means you’re not making any money. Now replace those destination ads with ads about parenting tips or must-haves for moms-to-be. The interaction between these relevant ads and your readers will surely be higher. This means more revenue for you. Media.net gives you access to ads that are relevant to your blog and its readers, thereby setting you up for success.

Come as you are

Why You Need Media.net Ad Units to Maximize Your Revenue

The best kind of ads are the ones that add to your user’s experience. This seems to be Media.net’s specialty. Their native ads blend with the layout of your website without any design changes from your end. They’re also made responsive to display well on a mobile website. This again translates to a seamless user experience for your audience and a higher likelihood of them engaging with these ads. This means more revenue for you!

Media.net’s got your back

Why You Need Media.net Ad Units to Maximize Your Revenue

How does dedicated support, 24×7 sound? Sounds reassuring, doesn’t it? That’s what Media.net offers its publishers. Every single publisher at Media.net is assigned a dedicated account manager irrespective of the size of the website or the blog. These guys aren’t just trained to answer your questions and offer advice, they’re experts at optimizing your ROI and revenue-building strategies. A major part of their job is also to conduct A/B testing with design, color, branding, and keywords. So, if you’re new to the space of monetization, having skilled support will help you kick off your monetization on just the right note.

You can customize your way to success

We’ve always believed that customization makes all the difference. Ads that not only match your website’s layout, but color scheme as well are the ones that will truly look native and drive more engagement. With Media.net you can create custom ad sizes that aren’t available with other ad networks. You can also choose from a plethora of ad types like desktop interstitial ads, in-content ads, mobile docked ads and below the article ads. The best part is, you can choose color schemes for your ads to make them look like a natural extension of your blog.

Compatible like no other network

Why You Need Media.net Ad Units to Maximize Your Revenue

The best thing about Media.net is that it’s compatible through and through. This means that ads that you display on your desktop website will be visible on your mobile website too. These ads are made responsive for your mobile website so you can be rest assured that they will not hinder your native experience. Media.net takes its compatibility a step forward by being compatible with other networks too, which means that you can use Media.net with your current monetization strategy without negatively affecting your revenue.

The process

Signing up with Media.net is pretty simple and quick. You need basic information about your website URL and your email ID. Your application’s assessment will take a maximum of 2 business days. If approved, you will receive a welcome email along with your credentials and ad codes to get you started immediately.

Best practices

Media.net has the potential to significantly increase your revenue if used effectively. We’ve curated a list of best practices we believe can help you make the most of Media.net and offer you enhanced revenue.

  1. Right ad types, spots, and sizes

Each website is unique. If you want to increase your revenue, you need to understand what works best for your website. The best part about partnering with Media.net is that you get to choose from a plethora of ad types and sizes that are not available with other networks. Along with the right size, you also need to ensure that you’ve chosen the right no. and spot for your ads. Media.net recommends using 3 ad units per page to ensure that your visitors engage with them. The most popular ad sizes of Media.net ads are – 720×90, 320×250 and 160×600. Using these will help you get better exposure and returns.


2.  Let the system decide what works best for the publisher

A great advantage of Media.net is that its system automatically optimizes your ads for layout and colors. The system tests several permutations and combinations of design, color, and keywords before settling on one. The system can take up to two weeks to complete the optimization. The key here is to be patient because the result is worth it.


Monetizing with Media.net is effortless. If you’re looking to make additional revenue, I would seriously recommend you sign up with Media.net. In fact, you can sign up here and get you can sign up here and get an extra $100 with your first payout.

Why You Need Media.net Ad Units to Maximize Your Revenue

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tara pittman
6 years ago

I like increasing my revenue. I need to look into ads.

6 years ago

I have to keep this in mind! I am always looking for more ways to earn with my blog!

6 years ago

I started blog and would love to grow more revenue and I think Media.net is great to start with. I hear lots of great things about it.

GiGi Eats
6 years ago

Ha! I actually have never heard of media net (or at least I think not…)…. But so many ad companies have reached out to me in the past. I actually JUST added ads back to my website after not having them for about a year. Just playing around to see what works and what doesn’t!

Kelli A
6 years ago

I believe I signed up with them back in September when they had a promo going for BloggyCon, but I need to look into it more. Thanks for the reminder!

6 years ago

I have been curious about how Media.net works. I’m assuming that you use this on your website? I didn’t notice anything obtrusive while reading this post, and I appreciate that. I never want my website to be obnoxious to my readers, with ads blocking my content. Good job, and if I check out Media.net, I will use your referral link.

6 years ago

I definitely need to look into this. I do not currently do anything with ads. I gave up on Adsense a long time ago and have no intention of going back.

6 years ago

I don’t believe that I have heard of this site before. However, it seems to be a very helpful and useful tool. I’ll have to look closer into it, thanks for sharing!

Ann B
Ann B
6 years ago

I love the idea of being able to customize the ads to the look of your site. I also love that the network uses the Bing and Yahoo network.

Tina Gleisner
6 years ago

Liked your description on contextual ads as I’m still new to advertising. Was surprised that you didn’t include MediaVine here as I signed up with Media.net at a conference recently & then several folks told me they never reached the $100 payout level … and did much better with Media Vine

6 years ago

I will keep this in mind. Right now I use Mediavine. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Hutchinson
6 years ago

I am always looking for different streams of revenue for my blog. I love the passive income from ads on my website.

6 years ago

Ads are one of the things I am going to be looking more into this year. This was very helpful.

Chelsea Faulkner
6 years ago

I think I need to reach out to talk with their support team to find out what I am doing wrong. I have had them on my site for months now and make less than $5/month with them. Thanks for the info about their support team!

Buy Contact Lenses
6 years ago

I really appreciate your skilled approach. These square measure items of terribly helpful data which will be of nice use on behalf of me in future.