Using Famous Figures for Your Christmas Photo Cards


Each year, Christmas is a celebration in which people try to do something truly unique, creating lasting memories. There are similar traditions the world over to make Christmas more special, and one of those is to send each other Christmas cards. Others include hosting parties, wrapping presents, preparing foods, and generally spending time with the family. We live in a digital society, however, where we can customize just about everything. The result of this is that people now look into making personalized Christmas photo cards that represent something of meaning to them.

Personalized Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

More and more people are now using family photographs to use for their Christmas cards. This is a wonderful and unique idea, naturally, because it gives a personal touch and it provides you with the opportunity to share some of the love your family has for each other, with others. The downside is, however, that pretty much everybody is doing this now! Hence, you might want to consider thinking outside of the box a little bit, for instance by having each of your family members represent different famous Christmas figures.

There are a lot of symbols that are somewhat synonymous with Christmas. The North Star is one of them. It is said that this star illuminated the night sky when the Three Wise Men and the shepherds headed towards the place where Jesus was born, guiding them towards the savior. Having the North Star included on your card will instantly give it a Christmas feel.

Of course, not everybody is religious. But whether you are religious or not, everybody does love Santa Claus. Santa Claus is the magical father figure who enters our homes through our chimneys and leaves us gifts. It is said that gifts are only given to those children that have not been naughty during the year, a great tool for parents to get their children to behave! Other such symbols that you could include on your card are things like stockings, Christmas trees, poinsettias, mistletoe, candy canes, and, of course, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. All of these can easily be incorporated into a family Christmas card. You could even have the family dressed up as different figures from these scenes.

Today, photo cards are popular because they allow people to stay in touch with their loved ones in a personalized manner. People love to see how a family grows and develops, how tall the children have become, and how healthy everybody looks. By including the family in the Christmas card, therefore, you have the opportunity to share a year’s worth of news with others who live far away as well. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

You’ll be happy to know that it is also incredibly easy to make these cards. There are lots of online opportunities and all you have to do is pick a company and work with their templates, or even personalize your own. The service is efficient and very easy to use, as well as being affordable.

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4 years ago

thanks alot for these great ideas, i made a few from these