Logitech Harmony Elite is Alexa’s Best Friend


https://momblogsociety.com/disclosure-policyWith three kids, three dogs, and a husband, my house is generally reminiscent of a barnyard. That’s actually putting it mildly. Imagine what your living room would look like if a pack of hungry termites, as seen on old cartoons of Tom and Jerry, raced through your home leaving crumbs, splinters, and a whole host of odds and ends behind.

That about sums up my whole life. I swear, hand to Cher, that I can almost NEVER find the right remote I need for the kids to switch to YouTube on the television, to play the NES, to put on Netflix, or even to watch the local news. It seems like, amidst the barnyard mess, we have a ridiculous amount of clutter, and the sheer volume of different remotes is stupid. Logitech Harmony Elite is the answer to my personal remote issue in my house. 

Logitech Harmony Elite Functionality


The single remote can replace up to 15 of your other remotes. What’s more, it works in sync with Alexa. Our biggest issue always seems to be getting the remote to send the right signal to our DVR. The DVR is set in a position in the entertainment center where other items usually block it.

So trying to change the channel or watch a recording usually requires the user to stand up and move to a better location. It kind of defeats the purpose of a remote control, if you ask me. Logitech Harmony Elite eliminates that problem. It is able to work through closed doors, cabinets, or even walls!

Tech Compatibility

The Logitech Harmony Elite is compatible with over 270,000 entertainment devices. Switch on your music, engage some mood lighting with your smart lights, adjust your thermostat, turn on the fireplace, even lock the doors–all at the touch of a button!


The universal, easy-to-use remote is set up to be equipped with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Use the voice controls of Alexa or Google with your Logitech Harmony Elite remote to order Chinese takeout. Ask Alexa to go wash your car while you’re at it. It probably won’t work, but it might be worth a shot.

Basically, the remote when paired with Alexa or Google Assistant, will do everything you could possibly need in terms of home entertainment or home comfort. It will take the place of any universal remote but will change your life in the process.

With the free web-based IFTTT (If This Then That) service, everyday users can create chains of statements, called “recipes,“ which are triggered based on changes to other Web services.


Built into IFTTT are some Harmony recipes worth considering. For example, using IFTTT, you can set a date and time to start a Harmony Activity, or perhaps alert your Sonos player to turn on each time your favorite sports team plays.

One of the reasons IFTTT is so popular is its simplicity. To develop new recipes, all you need to do is create an If/Then statement via the IFTTT website or app. Once testing the formula, you’re ready to go.

Long gone are the days when I am elbow deep in meatloaf mix only to have a horrible song come on and being stuck listening to it since I can’t touch anything with meat hands. No, I will no longer be forced to listen to Hanson sing “Mmm Bop” when my Spotify radio playlist is trying to punk me. Guys and gals, this remote does it all for you. And since it can order Chinese takeout, why the heck am I making meatloaf anyway?

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How did I not know this kind of thing existed? Sounds amazing!


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