Evaluating The Best Entertainment Sources For Your Young Children


As the old saying goes, watching too much television can turn your brain to mush. This is definitely true, but a little bit of binge watching every so often isn’t going to hurt. Simultaneously, you should realize that television can be very advantageous for parents. As a parent, the screen can provide you with a brief escape, so you can take a breather or complete some of your daily household chores. Also, some television shows can actually be very educational. This will allow you to keep your child entertained, while also teaching them a thing or two. Below, you will learn where to find great content for children.


Adults will know PBS as their local news station. The network produces a wide assortment of content ranging from news to documentaries. Nevertheless, they do have a specific set of shows that is perfect for younger children. In fact, the network is home to Sesame Street, Curious George, and even Cat in the Hat. These shows are very child-friendly and they’ll be sure to keep your toddler entertained. Plus, they might teach them something interesting from time to time.


At first, you might suspect that YouTube should be a no-go zone for your children. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. You will need to take some precautions, but there are some YouTube channels that are perfect for young children. For instance, the Mum Mum TV nursery rhymes channel is a must for parents and their children. YouTube will take a little additional effort on your behalf, but you can find plenty of child-friendly content on the video sharing site. Just make sure you prescreen everything, before allowing your children to enjoy it.

The Finger Family Song is a true favorite among children and adults.


While you might not know it, Netflix is equally great for everyone. During the evening and at night, you’ll be able to utilize the streaming service to watch some of the grittier and dirtier shows. And of course, Netflix is home to an abundance of children’s shows, including Clifford the Big Red Dog, Inspector Gadget, and even Animaniacs. Finding a few age appropriate shows on Netflix shouldn’t be that difficult. Just make sure you set the parental controls so your child cannot flip to something inappropriate when your back is turned!


There is no doubt that Nickelodeon has changed substantially over the past few years, but some things have remained the same. The network is still geared towards children and the content is just as entertaining as ever. As a parent, you should feel pretty comfortable sitting your toddler in front of the television with Nickelodeon switched on.


Amazon is truly a godsend for modern mothers. The company’s Prime service ensures you get your diapers and other supplies on time. Plus, it gives you access to thousands and thousands of videos. Amazon Prime’s video service offers access to many children’s shows from various channels, including PBS Kids and Nickelodeon. With Amazon’s video service, you will have hours and hours of content to keep your child entertained and engaged. Again, just make sure proper safety measures are put in place to prevent your child from straying into inappropriate areas.

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