How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep on Hot Summer Nights


With summer finally arriving, people all across the country can look forward to those hot summer days, filled with plenty of sunshine and activities. While summer days are something most people look forward to all year long, hot summer nights can sometimes make it difficult to get a restful sleep. Whether you have air conditioning in your home or not, the humidity can build, as can the heat, and this makes sleeping conditions less than ideal.

If you want to be able to wake up feeling refreshed all summer long, giving you the energy you need to enjoy your days, then these tips can help make it happen. Here are some ways that you can improve the quality of your sleep, even on the hottest of summer nights.

Invest in a Mattress that is Breathable and Can Stay Cool

Mattresses have come a long way in the past decade or so, and unless you’ve gone mattress shopping recently you probably aren’t aware of the latest technology and advances.Today, you can find mattresses that are actually made of materials that allow for the maximum amount of breathability and even have the technology to stay cool, which makes a massive difference in the summer.

Mattresses that have a gel layer to them are known for these stay-cool properties and are becoming quite the trend. Take, for example,a Nectar mattress, whichis made up of four layers including a quilted memory foam layer that is gel infused. You can check out a Nectar mattress review here to learn more about its pros and cons.

Install a Ceiling Fan in Your Room

A ceiling fan, or even a box fan that you plug in, can make a huge difference in the temperature in the room. It can help to cool you down and ensure airflow all night long, making for a more comfortable sleep. Just be sure to look for a fan that is quiet since you don’t want it keeping you awake.

Get Rid of the Comforter

Summer is not the time for a comforter or heavy duvet. Instead, use just sheets. Linen, cotton, and bamboo sheets are usually the best option, as they are lightweight and breathable.

Start Showering Before Bed

If you’re the type that typically showers first thing in the morning, it may be time to change your ways. Having a quick cool shower right before bed is a great way to feel refreshed. This will instantly cool you down and make you more comfortable as you get ready to fall asleep.

Choose Loose Fitting Pyjamas

When it comes to choosing your PJ’s for summer, you want to go with something that is loose and lightweight. Anything that is too clingy or tight will only make you feel hotter. Again fabrics, like linen, cotton, and bamboo are your best bet.

By using each of these tips, you’ll be able to stay nice and cool all night long, which means you’ll get a way better night’s sleep.

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