Relax Mamas! This Box of Goodies Has You Covered!


I feel like I never take as much time as I need to take care of myself. As a woman, a wife, and a mom, almost all of my energy goes into taking care of everybody else first. I generally take care of myself as the last priority. Unfortunately, that lack of self-care wreaks havoc on everybody in my home. I am a better wife and a better mother when I attend to my needs as a woman first and foremost.

Sha Mama’s Little Helper Subscription Box

That is exactly why I was so in love with the Sha Mama Rising subscription box. It arrived at my door in mid-June and it was PACKED with goodies perfect to help me pamper the heck out of myself. It was loaded with amazing, sustainably manufactured, green, plant-based products perfect to help me reconnect with my femininity.

The theme for the June box was coffee and roses. To me, it was the perfect balance between being beautiful and feminine while still being a go-getter. It had Rose Dose rose petals, CocoRoo Total Rejava-nation, Wilson Coffee’s Brazilian Roast, Gaia’s Garden Bath & Botanica Rose Rescue Elixir, and Soulflower Rose Intention Setting Temporary Tattoos.

Talk about a gorgeous, fragrant, and delicious way to take care of myself both on the inside AND the outside!

Want in on some of the action, too? While it’s too late to snag the June box, July’s box promises to be quite spectacular.

It will be filled with Yoni love. What is yoni? It is the vagina, and it is represented by a circular (or egg-shaped) stone. It is the symbol of divine procreative energy. And as ladies, we need to be doing more to take care of our lady bits! Show them some love. Some Yoni love, if you will.

Here is what you can look forward to with July’s box:

July’s Self-Care box is filled with several products that will inspire your most happy yoni and a happiest YOU!

Tessa Dare, Romance Novel: There is something about a great romance novel that works to get you hot and bothered faster than just about anything else. Maybe it’s because of the beauty of the imagination and having to work to create a picture of a scene inside your head. Whatever it is, the July box will contain a hot and steamy romance novel to aid the yoni love we’re working so hard for you to get.

As moms, our days are often so filled-up with taking care of our child’s needs or consumed by work that we very rarely feel “in the mood.” When you’re a parent your sexy-time is no longer based around the whims of your body’s desires but instead is contingent on your little one getting to bed early or you are having enough energy after the dishes are done, the lunches are made etc. etc.

Gemstone Yoni, Crystal Breast Wand: Just calling this a “Breast Wand” doesn’t give it the full credit this seriously magick wand deserves. This Fire Quartz crystal is designed so remarkably that it can be used as a breast massager, body massager and for those of you ladies who like back-and-forth pressure on your clit – it works phenomenally for personal pleasure! Use this with the Aromabliss Shakti Ojas oil all over your body and get bliss. 

Aromabliss, Shakti Ojas Personal Oil: Shakti Ojas is the rich luscious oil of the Goddess. This rejuvenating herbal infusion is a highly effective daily feminine lubricant and longevity oil used to support and enhance female health and beauty. Created with 10 omnipotent plants Ayurvedically known for their capacity to nourish and infuse life force and energy into the reproductive tissue, Shakti Ojas creates, supports and enhances a supple, youthful environment internally and externally. This magickal oil is made by a master-Ayurvedic herbalist practitioner and yogini. I’m so honored to be able to share this product with you as it’s one of my personal favorites! Use daily on your breasts and yoni. Use with your crystal wand or with your lover.  

Shri Alchemy, Vaginal Steam Vapor Bath – Nourishing: This Ayurvedic yoni tea is made with Red Raspberry, Rose, Calendula and Mugwort and is used to assist the cleaning of the uterus for the treatment of numerous female symptoms. I typically like to do a yoni steam a couple times a year mostly because it’s a luscious experience. It can be a little tricky to pull off (best if you have a slatted lawn chair) but the result is lovely – somehow it totally changes your headspace and it can be quite meditative. Vaginal steams are all the rage now but not all are made equally. What you put into your yoni is important and so I only steam with Shri Alchemy’s herbal blends. Made by another master-Ayurvedic herbalist and also a women’s health specialist.

We are so excited to see the actual products inside the July box. We want all those mommas out there to feel the love, so sign up to get some love of your own!

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