Welcome to Nogginsland Play, Learn and Grow


Have you visited Nogginsland? If not I want to introduce you and your children to this wonderful land.  First, what is Nogginsland? I am so glad you asked.

Welcome to Nogginsland Play, Learn and Grow

About Nogginsland

This is a place where your child’s imagination can be free and run wild.  They provide the Noggins, which are small repositionable stickers in the image of various faces of characters.  They have been butterflied in their design and can be attached to pencils, markers, fingers, and scissors.  They are meant to be used as an education tool with help in developing fine and visual motor skills.  You will see that they are centered on play, and transforming a variety of skill development interventions into motivating and very fun activities.

Who are Noggins?

They are real, they live and they are hardworking and fun loving.  These Noggins enjoy life and love to help, play and of course, work.  They have no bodies, but that is ok with them.  They have their own friends and now they will have you.  If you want to give them a body and put them to work.  Or you may find you want to play a game with them or just hang out and have fun.  I mean isn’t that what friends do?

Welcome to Nogginsland Play, Learn and Grow

What is a Noggins Main Priority?

They are here to help!  Like I mentioned earlier their main interests are work and play.  They are able to show you how to pick up, hold and use things.  If you make your pencil their body, they will help you hold the pencil.  They can help you use your scissors but you have to put them on or else they won’t be there to help you out.  AND if you put them on your finger they can help you with almost anything.

Where do Noggins Live?

They come from a world called Nogginsland!  Imagine a place with trees, flowers, farms, big castles nestled in cities, blue skies, clear water and the very best playgrounds.  They love their home and always enjoy friendly visitors.  So you are sure to fit right in.  Give them a body, do an activity, and use your imagination, and you’ll be in Nogginsland.


  • Be Cool, and Use Your Noggin
  • Powerful and Purposeful Playtime
  • Be Their Friend, Play and Pretend
  • Connect with your Kids
  • Be Young and Have Fun
  • Play, Learn and Grow Together
  • It’s Okay to Play
  • Color, Cut, Create, Connect
  • Build Fun-Motor Skills
  • Motivate with Play
  • The Power of Play
  • Noggins: Simple, Fun, Effective
  • Grow and Learn through Play

Welcome to Nogginsland Play, Learn and Grow

If you are ready to make the Noggins a part of your child’s holidays you can look here as currently there is a sale in Nogginsland!

Visit their website & Etsy shop below:

Etsy |Website


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GiGi Eats
3 years ago

WHY OH WHY did I not have these cute little things when I was a youngin’….. Although, who says there is an age stipulation?!?! EXACTLY 😉

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