How Kids GPS Trackers Work and Why You Need A Wireless Plan



Every Mom has had that blood-chilling moment when you lose sight of your child in a crowded space, or when they wander away in a store. I am sure you are sitting there thinking about the last time it happened and how scary it was, right? How about when your kids get older, and you start giving them more freedom- say to walk around the block to a friend’s house, and they don’t call to check in and say that got there safely?  Are you with me, moms? It’s enough to make us crazy!

We all know new tech is developed every day to make our lives a little more comfortable, and maybe even a little less scary – and that’s where GPS trackers and SpeedTalk Mobile come in.

Did you know that GPS trackers for kids could be not only stylish but also affordable? When we partnered with Speed Talk Wireless, they told us their number one question from moms is “what are kid GPS trackers and how do they work?”

GPS Trackers

So what IS a GPS tracker?  It’s a device, like a watch or a handheld unit that tracks the person wearing or carrying it. It works using cellular technology, the same wireless technology that your phone uses to keep track of precisely where the device is.  

So, we want to give you the 411 and give you a chance to try this little tech miracle out for yourselves!

GPS trackers use their own SIM card that identifies the user in the cell phone network, and it has its own identity, which is why it requires its own wireless plan.  SIM cards (Subscriber Identity Modules) come in three different sizes- Standard SIM, Micro SIM, and Nano Sim.  The right size of SIM card to fit in your device depends on what kind of tracker you have. 


We all know that GPS isn’t new tech, but the availability of GPS trackers, especially those for kids, isn’t something that is widely known.

GPS Trackers

Each SpeedTalk Mobile plan comes with a SIM card, all you have to do is install it in your device. Their sim card is triple cut, meaning that it will fit in any device (all devices require different sizes of SIM cards).

GPS Trackers

Installing a SIM card is super easy-  you just pick the right size and pop out the little card, and then insert it into your SIM card slot. If you accidentally punch out the wrong size, it is easy to put it back in place for the size you need. Easy Peasy!   

Just remember, some of the trackers don’t come with a sim card slot on the side so you’ll need to open the back and the slot will be there.

GPS Trackers

Wireless plans for a tracker do not need to be expensive- in fact, SpeedTalk Mobile plans start at just $5.00 and require no credit check or contract.  The plans are month to month, as well. 

Here are some great affordable options to check out if you are ready to do this, like yesterday. I’d say that $5 a month would be well worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your kids are.

Trax Play NEW Upgraded Live Outdoor GPS Tracker for Children & Pets

ABARDEEN B108 2G GPS GSM Tracker Smart Watch Bracelet with Camera for Kids

If you’re going with SpeedTalk mobile for GPS tracking your kiddo, you should also check out their other wireless plans! They offer a variety of affordable plan options for cell phones that are perfect for seniors, kids, family and for IoT devices like pet trackers, Smartwatches and Alarm Systems.

Ready to try out GPS tracking or just switch to a better wireless provider? Mom Blog Society readers get a special discount! Just enter “momsociety” at checkout and receive 5% off any purchase over $20! 

We’re giving away one FREE month of SpeedTalk Mobile service – that includes 100 minutes of voice, 100 texts and 100 MB of Data for  30 days! 

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