How to create a hit dating app?


It’s 2020, and online dating is no longer supernatural. Because of the pandemic, all romantic relationships have gone online. People not only meet in apps, but they also go on dates, watch movies, and cook breakfast online. The global dating app market is growing rapidly, and if you are thinking about developing a dating app, then the best time to launch is right now, as there are many free niches on the market. There are 7.9 billion people on the planet, and most of them want to find love.

Have you noticed how many dating apps are out? Tinder is one of the most striking examples of such services. So, you may find it exciting, to read the blogpost to have a quick overlook of how to create a dating app. Besides, according to a study by Stanford University, 39% of people search for love on the Internet, for example, in the Bumble, Mamba, or Badoo.

So, it’s time to tell you how to make a hit dating app.

Choose a Type of a Dating App

Before you decide to order a dating app, you need to determine two things – how to match couples and how often to suggest new options. For example, some dating apps use profiles where people talk about their lifestyle, hobbies, work, goals, and romantic preferences. Tinder uses swipe technology – swipe to the right if you like the person, and to the left if you want to see others. When both users swipe to the right, a match happens and a chat window opens.

Dating apps can be divided into 4 categories based on how their matching algorithms work:

  • By geolocation. 

Some dating apps match you with people nearby. For example, Bumble and Tinder use this idea. The user sets the radius in which you are looking for a partner, and the algorithm suggests people who are in the desired geolocation.

  • By compatibility. 

Other services, during registration, ask their users to fill out a questionnaire about hobbies, lifestyle, expectations from relationships, or favorite music groups. Then an algorithm analyzes the answers and matches them up. The user scrolls through the profiles and connects with those they like. 

  • By audience. 

Such applications target a specific group of users. To develop a dating app that will be successful, you need to tag in several categories at once. For example, the app can pair geolocation and audience and match users who visit the same places. We recommend using the classification above to select a pairing criterion, determine the strengths of your future application and select the most useful features for it.

Define Basic Functions

Every dating app should have a set of basic functionalities that will reflect your unique idea. Despite their simplicity, dating apps have a variety of useful and creative features. When developing a similar application, you need to consider the following functionality:

User Registration

This feature is one of the most important. Many readers may agree that the most boring part of any dating is registration. To alleviate this problem, Tinder made the right decision to sign up with a Facebook account. Remember to take care of security measures, as this is one of the biggest problems these days. Your users should be aware that their personal data is completely protected.


The user profile must contain an image and information about the person. Information can be collected based on data from an integrated social network, taken from questionnaires, or simply provided by the user in any format. Besides, it should be possible to edit and delete the profile.


This function usually has two parts. You should allow the user to choose the most convenient configurations for using your application. And don’t forget about the settings provided for finding other users. It is necessary to define the criteria based on which users will receive or search for matches (gender, age, hobbies, etc.).


This feature can be implemented in a variety of ways. Chats can be accessed by any user or only between individual users. You can also set an expiration time or leave the ability to communicate without any restrictions.


Consider a convenient and uncomplicated search for other users. Ideally, provide filters to make your search very fast and convenient.


A dating app makes more sense if people can search for partners in their location. In theory, you can meet a person from another country or even from another continent, but in real life, it seems too difficult and more like a story from a romantic movie.

This element allows you to find people all over the planet, including in any city and even hundreds of meters around you. This feature is one of the most outstanding elements of Tinder that has helped the app grow.

Push Notifications

They will provide users with promptly updated information about the location of a suitable object in all parameters or about a new message from a friend.

Admin Panel

Any dating service requires management and control. A simple privacy policy and terms of use page aren’t enough to keep your app from getting caught up in a stream of blocked content. Thus, it is best to take care of the ethical side of your product.

Monetization of an App

Now about the money. There are many monetization strategies for dating apps.

You can use paid subscription to monetize your app. For example, the paid subscription can allow users to expand their search, search for people in different cities and countries, and see who has liked their profile.

The second option is to use the interface upgrade. The same principle of work – for example, you accidentally swipe a handsome guy or a girl of your dreams in the wrong direction and now you are tearing your hair out. As soon as you try to undo an action, an app will prompt you to update your plan to access additional features like rewind. You can also buy individual features, such as super likes, to show your potential partner that you really like him or her.

The third option is advertising between swipes. Advertisers love dating services for their granular targeting capabilities. The developers have a detailed profile for a wide audience – age, preferences and user behavior, so you can choose the appropriate segment for each brand.

But remember that the success of any application is innovation and uniqueness. Think about how you will be different from the same Tinder. You can improve security or design, add new features, and create something that is superior to other dating apps. Prioritize, find a professional team, find a good idea, and you will have an app that will become very popular.

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