What’s Your Role as a Starseed and the Mission on Earth?


We come to this world as Starseeds and live people’s lives. We have to choose karma and we have to embody it in the third Dimensional Program of the earth. We take it and use this role to make a happier life for the people. We also take karma, because we want to serve others, search after others, and have a lasting sense that we are protecting the souls of the universe. There are certain missions, roles, and Starseed traits that are given on Earth for many purposes. In here, let’s find out the roles of being a Starseed. 

The Role of Being a Teacher.

Being a teacher is one of the most important tasks. Teacher Starseeds instruct Earthlings on other aspects like harmonious and mindful ways of living concerning Universal Laws. They also teach the nature of the structure that they embody themselves. Teacher Starseeds also awaken other Starseeds, that are feeling neglected, lost, and traumatized, and give them hope, guidance, and help to be more spiritually connected to the world.

Being a Healer. 

Being a healer is one of the most common tasks of Starseeds. Whatever modes are used, a healing Starseed has a deep desire to support this planet and the people there. The harmonizers are natural and are relievers of pain and sorrow. They are sources of love and they activate the body and field of harmony. They are normally guided to the work of persons or organisms (for example, animals or species), but a Lightworker is a planetary harmonizer also, as these stereotypes work with the entire world to bring it into harmony (through healing ceremonies).

Being a Resonance. 

One must be a resonance to carry a high frequency to this earth dimension. Nothing can be added from the outside; you have to be inside. This is the task of the Resonator – to incorporate the energy into the vacuum and be a conduit for it. The incarnation is a difficult business because the frequency is very high, such as echoes. To do so, you have to put in a lot of personal effort and also detach yourself from any negative factors (or the resonance can pollute them). 

The resulting resonance feeds into and activates the more harmonious morphological fields. Human consciousness and all the planetary programs work in those morphogenic fields. They are a model for the range of consciousness. Resonators are compatible with the higher sequential download directives if they are conscious, without emissions. 

The reverberation of these energies through the body then leads to a new morphogenic field, which can support the Law of One God Source harmoniously. To descend and integrate the incoming energy, the resonators have to be associated with their body and then have an active field for the light body. They add to the overall planetary field in each transmission that affects all living things on earth and the host of the universe.

Being an Activist, and a Needle for the World. 

Activist Starseeds are very much like the only mobile resonators. The needles of acupuncture have to be in their bodies and they have to work personally to release something that distorts the incoming energy. The body vessel must be free from distortions, which aren’t permanently incorporated but are sent through the body to the earth in extreme events. 

In the life of the Acupuncture Needle, there are many acute cases like that. Stocks (electric and magnetic polarity) are actively guided and started and then passively obtained (magnetic polarity).

The active guiding of star plates is a “needle” of their consciousness – planting a clear vibration of their recognition at the location, collecting and publishing statistical information to promote more adequate solutions to the current planetary problem. 

You could survey a vortex or follow a distorted energy stream through remote viewing or meditation (or lucid dream) to deliver the “energy kit” and monitor its course and effect. When you see/feel/know it, it will automatically be released into the unified field of the planet; other Starseeds (and the solar council) will then use this knowledge to rectify the issue.

Imprinter of Water Starseed.

Water has memory. In our human bodies, planetary water and water function as multi-frequency conductors and recorders that allow consciousness to be advanced through DNA activation. In what it impresses, water does not distinguish, whether from strong community prayers or appalling tribal traumas. The Pessimistic Aliens know and use this attribute of water to keep human consciousness in the small field (being a food source). 

Human beings may alter it by aligning themselves with the Source of the Soul and God, which automatically restores the water to a harmonious state. However, people are always trapped in negative habits and cannot do so on their own. Water Sprinkler is associated with the Mother’s love energies – Sophia Light and others, including unconscious access to the templates of the transcension of liquid love. These are attracted to water – to be around, to resonate, to pray for them, to vibrate into them. They have a task of freeing up the resonances of water and of cleaning up the painful memories of the world, and also of imprinting the molécules of water, using the transcension codes of MotherLove and Liquid Love.

Guardian and Healer of the Species. 

The Guardian and Healer Starseeds help a specific species on Earth – usually animal or plant species. These animals and plants have a very good love resonance, which will keep the health plan for you and work for harmonization. The health blueprint for that organism is in the planetary memory. These can be disconnected, deformed, or deliberately destroyed. Each species has its morphogenic field. 

Guardians fix health plans, revive and harmonize morphogenic fields and eradicate viruses – not by deliberate reorganization, but by compassion and love energies which these Starseeds hold as the catalyst for a more congruous reorganization of the world. Starseed Guards of soil, trees, plants, seabeds, and the animal kingdom are present.

To Summarize:

The task for each Starseed stereotype is unique to its race, talent, and lines of dramatic karma formed among them by the feelings of the world. But the average Starseed here is created by helping to raise awareness of the world.

Many came as catalysts here. They teach people how to make a jump between 3D and 5D in the next few years. The Starseeds ultimate objective is to see the Earth rise and return to its 7th-dimensional world of galactic seed.

How each Stereotype will function is different from the others. The qualities of every soul are to be played. Some people will come here to awaken other people, while others will be healers and develop creative solutions. These are all needed and work for the same purpose.

The majority of Starseeds come with an embedded trigger. They set up a specific event that will trigger the memories of their race’s DNA. In a moment, they realize they are here to do something essential to humanity that can vastly change their life’s direction  180 degrees.

You are here to create an impactful difference in the world. 

Here you are to serve, cure, or somehow change the universe. The healing and transformation start first with our very lives, and we can then introduce it to others. This has definitely been from my experience and possibly from yours. We are here as Starseeds to also increase Earth’s frequency. 

We are called to step up to higher levels of consciousness so that in this world we can offer peace and healing. For thousands of years now, we have been told by the Vedic sages, Egyptian scriptures, shamans and saints, and masters from all parts of the world: you can live in spiritual peace.

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