10 Apps to Help Teach Your Kids Foreign Language


10 Apps to Help Teach Your Kids Foreign Language

Learning a new language may be hard for us adults, but children, whose minds absorbs information like a sponge, can learn things easier and faster than us. If we want our child to succeed in the global scene, learning a foreign language or two would definitely be a good start. Here are ten apps that can help your kids to learn a foreign language

Miao Mi

Miao Mi is a newly launched application from Celestial Tiger Entertainment where parents can easily immerse their young children in Mandarin language-learning through their phones and tablets. The app offers 500 Mandarin-teaching videos that can teach children to learn the language used by one-fifth of the world’s population. The app offers an immersive experience for preschoolers at different stages of Mandarin language learning, and children with no prior exposure to Mandarin can pick up the unique sounds of the Chinese as well as those from Chinese-speaking backgrounds.

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Duolingo – Learn Spanish, French, and More

By Duolingo

Duolingo offers 23 different foreign languages to choose from. Choose from Spanish, German, Italia, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese Welsh, Hungarian, Romanian, and much more. Most of the courses offered by Duolingo are created by native speakers themselves, which means you can learn the language from a natural speaker. Another feature offered by Duolingo is that it is not aimed solely at native English speakers, there are specific courses that aim at those with different first language for every language, which to date, offers 81 courses.  Most courses are child-friendly as well

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Penyo Pal – Learn French

by Penyo Pal Inc.

Penyo Pal lets your kids learn basic French vocabulary with their fun flash card game designed for beginners. Each level of the game helps your kids practice new French vocabulary using flashcards that feature pictures, text and native French audio. This app will help your kids learn basic French vocabulary in a fun way, with at least forty new French words per level. The artwork is designed to charm children and all of the French audio are spoken clearly by a native French speaker.

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Endless Spanish

by Originator Inc.

You can now introduce your children to the Spanish Language with the app Endless Spanish. With assistance from the adorable Endless Monsters, your children will have a fun way of learning frequently use Spanish words including their context and usage. Each word features an interactive word puzzle featuring letters that come to life and a sentence puzzle with words that transform into what they describe. See the word “grande” (big) grow larger, and the word “flor” (flower) open and bloom. This app is sure to captivate your children in learning Spanish.

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Learn Spanish by MindSnacks

By MindSnacks

Let your children learn and speak Spanish in a fun and interactive way. MindSnacks offers 9 interactive games designed for kids to learn the essential vocabulary and conversational skills of the Spanish Language. By playing the rich and engaging games instead of flipping tedious flashcards, your kids will truly enjoy learning more than 1000 Spanish vocabulary words as well as specific lessons to learn the verbs, conjugations, and other necessities in the Spanish Language.

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Gus on the Go: Spanish for Kids

By Toojuice

Learning Spanish has never been so much fun. Have your kids join Gus, the friendly owl, as he travels around the world and explore languages from every corner of the globe with Gus on the Go! The app features adorable animations and fun exercises that your child can learn basic vocabulary concepts with interactive visual and auditory lessons on numbers, colors, shapes and more. Each lesson review unlocks an exciting vocabulary game that reinforces what your child has learned. Now, your child can take on a second language through a fun, multi-sensory journey on any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone

By Rosetta Stone, Ltd.

Rosetta Stone comes up with an app that lets your kids learn core Spanish language skills including speaking, reading, and listening. The app offers practical training by providing lessons based on different everyday scenarios. It also provides accent coaching, where their speech recognition feature will listen to your kids as they speak and helps them in pronunciation, making your children speak Spanish more authentic.

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French Words for Kids – Learn Letter Sounds

By L’Escapadou

This app provides up to 240 word-picture-audio combinations that will assist your kids in learning French by dragging and dropping letters on their iOS device. It provided differentiated instruction through three levels of difficulty, which means that kids won’t be bored of it since they can always challenge themselves once they learned the basics. It is also good for kids who are just beginning to learn French due to positive reinforcement when words are completed.

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 Learn Arabic for Kids

By INKids Education LLC

Learn Arabic for kids features 400 Arabic flashcards that contains commonly used Arabic words such as colors, numbers, food, drinks, animals and many more, illustrated and clearly recorded by a native Arabic speaker. It’s easy-to-navigate user interface will teach your kids how to properly pronounce and recognize several Arabic words, with the assistance of over a hundred audio files that includes words, sound effects, and musical themes.

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Dic-Dic. Multilingual dictation to practice spelling, writing and sound-letter matching

By Perception Technologies, S.L.

This app is an educational game designed for kids aged 3-8 to properly spell commonly use words in several languages including Spanish and French. It also includes several audiovisual dictations at three different difficulty levels that allow them to learn spelling and vocabulary in a fun and exciting way. Dic-Dic gives kids the option to choose their user level difficulty, the language they want to learn, and if they want to have clues. The clues also allow younger children to reinforce their learning of letters and their association to sound.

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