Historical Places in Portsmouth Worth Visiting


Portsmouth is a small and cozy port city in New Hampshire, which has its unique atmosphere. It may not be much advertised as a tourist destination, but tourists love it nevertheless. Known as a port city during the times of Ancient Romans, Richard Lionheart, and the Tudors, it was significantly destroyed during World War II, subsequently gaining a new modern look as a cultural and historical center. It is also the main base of Her Majesty’s Navy and a port city with rich history.

Here is a list of must-see attractions of Portsmouth.

Place to See in Portsmouth

Mary Rose Museum. As Portsmouth is a marine navy harbor, it offers a unique insight into the history of naval ships, offering the most famous of them on display for the public. Mary Rose was a beautiful Medieval ship built in 1509, who served King Henry VIII’s naval campaigns. The museum also displays the many artifacts found at the bottom of the Solent. A similar museum is USS Albacore Museum, which allows you to get acquainted with the history of World War II submarines, with real inside-the-submarine tours.

  1. Emirates Spinnaker Tower. The tower is a new symbol of Portsmouth and an example of modern architecture. It is 170 meters tall and offers amazing views, audio guides, and interactive screens to enhance the experience as if you were enjoying roulette free play for fun. You will marvel at the glass floor that allows you to walk right above the crashing waves.
  2. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. This highly rated touristic site will get you acquainted with 800 years of British naval history, including ships that you can enter and discover from the inside.
  3. Southsea Castle. This castle was built in 1544 and served as a stronghold for Henry VIII and his fleet. The castle was captured only once in its history, during the civil war of the 17th century. The castle tours will show you how the castle was defended, its underground tunnels and armor collection.
  4. Blue Reef Aquarium. A great place for children and adults alike, the venue invites you to see multiple species of sharks, otters, crabs and many more representatives of sea life, from both inside and outside of Britain. You will be surprised at the variety of tropical species you will find there on display.
  5. Staunton Country Park. The park’s vast territory offers unique landscapes with abundant wildlife. Some of its follies dating early 19th century still survive, like the 1828 year’s Shell House, the Beacon temple, and the Gothic Library. This park is a very well-developed tourist center that offers attractions like farming, animal feeding, pottery classes, organized events and many other services that make it a very attractive place to go for the weekend.

As you can see, Portsmouth is a great old marine city which will gladly introduce you to its history, and you will also admire the cultural and natural attractions it has to offer. It is a great tourist destination for the whole family that you surely need to visit.

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