Forget Orlando, These are the Best Places to Take the Kids on your U.S. Trip


The United States is undeniably an exciting destination to take your kids on the trip of a lifetime, however, far too many parents fall into the trap of opting for the country’s de facto tourist destination; Orlando, Florida. That’s a great shame when the United States has plenty of other great destinations for kids.

With that in mind, if the hustle and bustle of Florida’s tourist hotspot isn’t your thing, here are the best places to take the kids on your trip to the States.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

If your little ones are into sea life, there’s no denying that Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California – widely considered as one of the best aquariums on the planet – is worth a visit. The aquarium is set on the beautiful California coast, with a range of breath-taking exhibits, including big shark tanks! What’s more, the aquarium isn’t limited to just indoor exhibits either – with a range of things to see outside whilst you enjoy the beautiful California weather. Outside, you’ll find a range of sea creatures in their natural habitat, including sea lions, whales and much more.

  • Grant’s Farm, Missouri

If you’re looking for a more authentic rural experience on your U.S. trip, you’re going to want to pay a visit to the rustic Grant’s Farm, situated in St Louis, Missouri. Grant’s Farm isn’t just a pretty vacation spot, though. It also has a lot of history behind it. The farm was built by Ulysses S. Grant (the 18th President of the United States) on land given to him by his father in law in 1848.

Now owned and operated by the Busch family, Grant’s Farm first opened to visitors in 1955 and offers the opportunity for kids to get up close and personal with a variety of different farm animals, including antelope, deer, and the farm’s famous Clydesdale horses. Plus, you can even ride the tram through the farm’s open terrain if your legs are a little tired! Just keep in mind that the farm is closed from November until March, so you’ll need to make sure to plan your trip carefully.

  • National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.

There’s no denying that Washington, D.C. has plenty of historical sights for grown-ups to see, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty that will keep both the kids and adults entertained on your trip to the East Coast. The aviation branch of the Smithsonian, the National Air and Space Museum is a must-see spot for both big and little fans of all things in the sky, whether it be planes or rocket ships.

Plus, the best thing about D.C. is that you’re never going to run out of things to do. Just a short walk from the National Air and Space Museum is some of the capital’s biggest attractions, including the Jefferson Memorial, and even the White House.

Wherever you decide to visit on your trip to the States, just make sure you don’t make the same mistake as other travelers and forget to fill in your ESTA application form – without it, you won’t be able to see any of these amazing attractions!

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