Experiences Only a Train Journey Can Impart


Train journeys have always been some of the best ways to travel for any kind of traveler. It imparts a lot of knowledge and experiences to people and there is always something inherently sensational about traveling from trains rather than any other faster or more comfortable ways of travel. Here are some of the experiences that only a train journey can impart unlike any other mode of transportation.

The Sights, Smells, and Sounds

No other mean of transportation in India reaches as far as railways and no other means of travel provides as much variety in different sights, smells and sounds as Indian Railways do. There is always something happening somewhere. If your train stops at a platform, you can look out of your window and see the people trying to sell you stuff inherent to the place you are in. You can hear people speaking different languages and it can tell you how far you have come and how long you still have to go. If you are a traveler, the best thing you can do in India is booked a general class ticket from IRCTC ticket booking to an unknown destination and enjoy the train ride. You won’t forget that experience in your lifetime.

The Observations

A keen traveler is the one which observes everything around them and learns from it. Be it a new place or the new people. Indian Railways gives you this amazing opportunity to observe a variety of people which travel through its network from almost all walks of life. Once the initial ice is broken, the fellow travelers can become some of the most interesting people you have ever met in your lifetime. And if you are traveling in a group then its even better. You can book your seats alongside each other in a group. A relaxing journey, some good company, and train travel. This all makes a wonderful experience for a great time while traveling to your destination.

The Food

The best part about train travel is the food that you get to experience once your train leaves the area you come from and enters the territory you are unfamiliar with. With each new station, halt comes a new variety of food to taste and the best part is you don’t have to get down. The food vendors almost always come inside your coach to sell some of the tastiest local food you will eat on the journey. So next time you are traversing through say, Rajasthan, do not forget to enamor your taste buds with some local delicacies the platform vendors has to offer.

The Connection With Your Country

Traveling in a train is the only way that can fully make one understand the vastness of India. The stations you cross whose names you can’t pronounce, the overnight train journeys you take which feels like you have been teleported from one place to the other magically as so much as changed outside, the different people, it all makes for an eye-opening experience for any traveler. It makes you feel more connected to the country as you travel through the icy cold lands of Kashmir to deserts of Rajasthan and the ghats of the West. It is only through a train journey that one can truly grasp why the country we and a billion more people call home is so rich in nature and culture.

Train travel is a humbling experience and is something which can be astonishing in a very different way. It has got the charm which is irresistible and this is why so many travelers prefer trains over buses or flights any time of the day. So what are you waiting for? Go to IRCTC ticket booking portal, book your ticket to the destination of your choice and experience a train journey which you will remember forever.

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