The Dreaded Guzunder – Avoiding Epic Wedding Gift Fails


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A couple of days after our wedding, my new husband and I were opening our gifts. We’d done the registry thing, so we knew what we were getting for the most part. Nevertheless, there were plenty of guests that wanted to add their personal touch to our new lives together. Some of these were wonderful. Some were disastrous. My husband opened up one package, and we stared in disbelief, wondering how any sane individual could possibly consider a single, enormous towel emblazoned with a picture of Justin Bieber to be an appropriate gift for a young couple starting their life together.

“That’s a Guzunder!”, he exclaimed, clearly amused.

“A what?” I questioned.

“A Guzunder. Y’know, it’s so bad that it Guzunder the bed.”

There were plenty more Guzunders to come, and it got me thinking. I’m the kind of person that also wants to add a bit of a personal touch. So I’ve come up with a few sure-fire wedding gifts that any couple will love and will never end up under the bed:

Culinary Delights

Beautiful cookware sets are a practical, meaningful gift that any couple will appreciate. You can be certain that they will get plenty of use out of it and a god quality set will last them for years. If a full set is out of your budget, it would be worth combining with other guests if you can to ensure that the newlyweds get off to a great start in the kitchen.   

Experience the Love

In our already cluttered lives, sometimes we just don’t need more stuff. Some couples may have been living together for some time before tying the knot, and their homes are already well stocked with all the essential elements. Whatever the case, for the people that have everything, an experience gift can often be the most memorable and exciting acquisition. Whether it’s a quite dinner cruise or winery tour for two, or something more adventurous like parasailing, skydiving or abseiling, the experience will be a welcome treat once the excitement of the wedding is over and regular life has resumed.

Containing Your Excitement

Ok, so this one may not be particularly glamorous, but you would be surprised to know how many people truly appreciate good quality storage containers. It’s something that few think to get as a gift and many people skimp on for themselves. While we would all love to give our friends and loved ones something exciting for their special day, sometimes the most practical, useful items can be the most appreciated.

The Gift of Giving

We live in an age of hyper-consumerism that clutters out life with material items. For many socially-minded people, knowing that they have contributed to a better world may be more meaningful and welcome than yet another household item that gathers dust before ultimately being sold at a garage sale. Consider donating the amount that you would have spent on a gift to a charity that you know the couple are passionate about as an alternative. Whether it’s a social cause, medical research, environmental concerns or other group, people will be so touched at the thought given to supporting something close to their hearts.

Save the Date

For many, their wedding day is the most romantic of their lives. Unfortunately, once the music stops and the dust has settled, the romance can quickly fade away. All couples need to work to keep the fires burning, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a hand. Consider paying for a date or multiple dates in months after the wedding as a surprising and welcome alternative to a physical gift.

I could keep going on and on, however, I hope these suggestions will get your creative juices flowing so that your next wedding gift doesn’t turn into a Guzunder.

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