6 Pre-Wedding Photography Tips for Great Shots


The wedding is around the corner, and the couple decided to take some pre-wedding photos. But taking best shots need an experienced photographer and a creative couple. You both take that opportunity to connect, showcase your skills, and build your confidence before the big day. As a photographer who has mastered the art, you need to learn these six pre-wedding photography tips for great shots.

1. Ask The Couple Some Questions

A photographer should meet the couple a week or some days before the shoot. You can ask them what they want, their favorite sites, styles, and anything else they would like to know.

The answer to these questions will help you get some unique ideas for the pre-wedding.

2. Have Sufficient Accessories

As a professional photographer, you aren’t in a position to make excuses for your failures. You probably don’t know how long it will take, so you need to carry extra batteries and memory cards for the shoot.

3. Be Creative

You should find a place where you can shoot. Start by surveying the spot to understand it better and picture the couple in the same spot.

After the photoshoot, the couple can create a wedding website with all those attractive photos. You can help them filter down the photos to be used on the website so that website isn’t over crowded with photos only.

4. Use a Longer Lens

It’s usually tough for couples to act natural when the camera is close to them. Therefore, a longer lens is best for a pre-wedding shoot. It produces perfect shots that compliment your subjects’ attractiveness and creates a background blur that helps to shift all focus to them.

The best lenses are 85mm or 200mm. 50mm is suitable for landscape photography. A longer lens will also help you keep distance with the couple as you get the romantic shots.

5. Create a Good Timing

The timing of the shoot is vital as well. Taking unique pre-wedding photos at a bad timing will make things difficult. It’s advisable not to do a pre-wedding shoot a few days before the main wedding but 1-2 months prior.

The golden rule for outdoor photography is to take photos from 6 to 9 am in the morning, 4 pm in the afternoon and an hour before the sun sets, to enjoy the soft natural light.

6. Work to Satisfy the Couple

All photographers have their own preferences, but they should engage with their clients to fulfill their needs. You can share your inputs & suggestions with the couple but don’t impose it.

Your principal goal is to satisfy your clients and deliver great shots.


A picture says a thousand words. A pre-wedding photoshoot will capture some moments as it boosts the confidence and the relationship between the soon to wed. It’s a new trend worldwide and an extra opportunity for wedding photographers.

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Cinematic wedding videographer London

Pre- wedding shots have come into trend properly and they should prioritize as much as real wedding shoots. There should be scene where couples in nature rich places are shown and use of drone and other advanced camera is needed.