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Separating from a parenting parent is complex. Unfortunately, oftentimes there are partners who believe the other parent may not be fit to parent and seek to keep children from the other. Likewise, there are many adequate reasons a person may think another parent is not an appropriate choice for custody. Do your best to give yourself an honest self evaluation; after all, your goal is to remain parenting your children and hopefully, to learn as much as you can to provide in the best way you can for your children’s needs. Consider the following if you find yourself in a challenge to keep you children.

Hire a lawyer.

If you are a parent that has been accused of wrong doing involving your parenting or children, get a lawyer. A lawyer understands the law in a way that you do not and will know or suggest the best ways to handle a potentially acrimonious relationship with the other parent. 

Hire a private investigator.

If you believe the other parent of your child is engaged in harmful or illegal behaviors, consider hiring a private investigator to document behaviors. A good private investigator may be able to verify your concerns. More hopefully, a private investigator may be able to put your mind at ease if no negative or potential dangerous to your child behaviors are indicated. However, either way, a private investigator can approach these concerns in a more safe and professional manner and leave you and your children away at a safe distance.

Attend and document all pediatrician appointments and school conferences.

Schedule and attend all pediatric appointments at the interval suggested by your physician. You may call your child’s doctor and ask for a flow chart or schedule of what exams are due when and when immunizations are due. Get to these appointments on time and as directed by your physician. Keep copies of all invoices and data received at appointments. If your physician recommends any additional services such as eye doctor, dental, psychological etc…schedule appointments right away. Attend and interact at school conferences and other events.

Visit a psychologist.

If you are asked to complete a court ordered or court suggested program or counseling, do it. In most cases, a psychologist will allow you to also focus on and work on issues that you feel are pertinent in your transition as a parent. If you reject the courts order or suggestion, you may be seen in a negative light or seen as a person who is unwilling to take any responsibility or work on growth required to effectively parent.

Look for the positive.

You may feel certain that you have not done anything potentially hazardous to children and that nothing has hampered your ability to parent. Even so, if you follow the recommendations of seeing appropriate professionals and taking care of your children’s needs in general, you can only be helping yourself, and of course, your children. Keep in mind the fact that good care of your children is always the right thing, regardless of who is asking for verification.

Following the guidelines and recommendations of objective professionals and specialists in each area can be beneficial in many ways. Do what you can to protect your rights while also taking care of your children’s physical and emotional needs.

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