4 Fun Father-Son Activities That Build Character


The relationship between a father and a son is a natural bond that takes years to develop, and ideally one that will equip the boy with life lessons and skills that will help them grow into a better man in the future. Every father should aim to do fun things with their son(s) frequently, especially if it means getting out of the house and away from the mobile devices and video games for a while. With that said, when you want to do more than just hang out, consider the following 4 father-son activities that will leave lasting memories and build character for years to come:

  • 1. Hunting and Fishing

As a child, I remember my dad taking us hunting in the Appalachians with his cherished set of classic Browning rifles that he inherited from his father. There’s something about the experience of being out in the wild and observing animals in their natural habitats that sparks a primal feeling that’s hard to forget. Likewise, going fishing with dad out on the river or lake was always a favorite pastime as a child. Those long periods between catches made for great quality conversations and general introspect. Also, other rifles like the Bushmaster ACR can be potentially used for hunting purposes.

  • 2. Sports

Every young boy should learn how to play at least one sport as a matter of not only building physical strength and wellness but also strengthening the bond with their father. Teaching your son(s) how to play your favorite sport is extremely fulfilling as it gives you the sense that you’re passing on the torch to the next generation. Giving a child the gifts of athleticism and fitness will encourage them to lead a healthy and productive life during their early adolescence and adulthood.

  • 3. Hiking & Camping

These activities go perfectly with hunting/fishing and are a great way to introduce your son(s) to nature and teach them valuable survival skills. Building a fire, roasting marshmallows, taking pictures of stunning landscapes, birdwatching, and kayaking are just a few of the fun things you can do with your son(s) during a camping trip. Plus, tending to a campsite and completing long treks will teach kids valuable lessons in responsibility and diligence.

  • 4. Traveling

Finally, even if you don’t get out of the car, just riding down country roads and going on road trips can be a tremendously memorable experience. When you have some free time, why not take junior out to see the sights and experience places he’s never seen before? School vacations and holiday weekends are perfect times to expose your kid to new scenery and social/cultural experiences.

  • The Importance of Sunshine and Exercise

You’ll notice that all of the above involve some level of exercise and/or sunshine. With the world becoming an increasingly digital and reclusive place, it’s important to show kids a more natural and active side of life. Doing so will ensure that they have a solid foundation that’s grounded in reality rather than pure fantasy and fiction. Of course, sunshine and exercise are also vital components in a healthy lifestyle. If you are on a tight budget, try out this impressive KastKing Assassin.

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