6 Tips To Keep Pests and Snakes Away While Outdoor Camping


All set for camping in the forest, being accompanied by your best pals, and wild vegetation along with it? Camping outdoor is a crazy mix of adventurous and mirthful experiences and almost always results in happiness galore! However, in the midst of all your singing, dancing and other leisurely activities, you would certainly not like to be interrupted with bugs, insects or snakes! The mosquito bites irritate you no end and even worse, leave ugly scars on your arms just when you are feeling happy about your smooth skin wearing that sporting ganji! The animal friendly sentiments are fine; however no one plans to spend their weekend with these creepy and eerie creatures, which not only make the camping experience uncomfortable but could also prove to be a threat to your safety.

Use Repellents To Deter

The presence of chemicals in repellents is very effective in deterring the pests. Now wait, do not march straight into a supermarket to buy those, instead go to a specific camping store where the repellents are available in the stocks. You could either purchase the liquid or spray form of the repellent. Form a clear and defined ring around your camping area. Although, such type of repellent is not a solution to kill those perilous snakes, their odor does help in warding them off. It would be a smart choice to use DEET repellent. Not only would mosquitoes, insects and bugs stay away from your area by the effect of the same, but the plant life would also stay healthy and safe. On top of that, it would be a nice way to not snub the environmentalists or rub them the wrong way too!

Select A Place For Safe Camping




If you intend to go camping, being aware of the pros and cons of this experience becomes mandatory. Before you pull a face and shrug your shoulders in annoyance that you do have that much of common sense, understand that being prepared simply means that you are reducing the chances if life threatening risk. You must know which conditions attract the maximum insects, bugs and snakes. For instance, snakes are known to thrive in woods and areas near water bodies, as they look out for habitats where they could hide themselves. No, it definitely does not mean that you carry loads of luggage and required items in trailers and head to a dessert to camp, where life looks impoverished. Simply know which areas would support a healthy experience and minimal risk of snake or rodent attack.

Storage of food



Be very careful not to leave your food items uncovered and freely accessible as critters like mice, rats and toads are notorious for attacking the places which have these food items kept. Garbage bags which often lie outside the tent are the favorite places of rodents to come and create a menace. In a camp, there are many requisites which could prove to be an ideal place to thrive for these rodents and bugs, like utensils used while cooking, raw food material and also food crumps littered here and there. Make it a point to keep all these things in place. Snakes usually do not feed on human food, but surely love to prey on rodents, so snakes might creep in and around your tent and create havoc. 

A Little Natural Prevention Won’t Hurt

While using repellent is surely a recommended tip for you, some natural measures to keep bugs and other animals away would do no harm to you while camping. Use citronella candles or sprinkle lemon grass spray inside the tent, on the sheets and near your cooking area. Applying a little bit of lemon oil is also a fantastic way to keep mosquitoes and insects away. Plus, these natural prevention are skin friendly and would not contaminate food items as well.

Stay As Close To Fire As Possible




Now, we all know that there certainly cannot be any camp without a fire place, so you could better as well utilize the same for guarding yourself against snakes and other dangerous rodents. It is a known fact that all animals and pests are scared of fire and they try and maintain a distance from direct fire as much as possible. Create a fire place near to your tent, not very far away from it as it would help you to keep the critters as well as snakes away from your tent, especially when you are not alert(while sleeping or when you are simply loafing around). However, place the fire with precaution as you would not want to make any accidents happen during an enjoyable camping experience.

Personal Hygiene To Repel Bugs and Snakes


One way you could naturally keep pests, rodents and snakes away from you during camping outdoor is to maintain your own personal hygiene by regular bathing and keeping the clothes clean. Also, the inside area of the tent should be kept free from dirt, food litters, empty plastic bags& cans, unclean utensils and other items. Remember, dirt and human smell attracts these creatures so naturally reduce the risk of them creeping in and spoiling your camping vacation by maintaining cleanliness.

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