5 Tips To Help You Design Your New Kitchen


Planning a new kitchen can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience and the following tips will put you on the right path to designing a great looking, highly practical space that will be a pleasure to use and spend time in for many years.


The kitchen is a crucial room that most homes are unable to function properly without, so there is always a temptation to rush the decision making processes in order to move the project along.

New kitchens are not cheap however and this is not a room you want to be replacing in a hurry, so it is vital to take your time and get it right first time. Choosing elements that you like for your new kitchen is easy but creating a coherent design that works well is another matter entirely, so take your time, seek advice if necessary and make well informed decisions.


Designing an incredible kitchen that not only looks great and but performs well too is essential, after all, what use is beauty alone in a practical working space!?

Key zones in the kitchen, including the fridge, sink and cooking areas need to be positioned in a way that makes it easy to move from one zone to the next without any obstruction. This is known as the ‘work triangle’.


Kitchens take quite a battering. Quality fixtures and fittings are important in a frequently used space like the kitchen, so choosing the best you can afford within your budget makes good sense.

As well as choosing fixtures that will withstand the usual wear and tear, it is also sensible to try to look for items that have a timeless style. This way they are unlikely to appear dated in a few years time.


Look online for inspiration for your new kitchen and pinpoint key elements that you wish to incorporate in your own design. Gather all of this visual information together and use it to brainstorm your ideas. Take photos of kitchens you visit and like the look of or go old school and start a scrap book adding in magazine or newspaper supplement cuttings.

If you are going to be using a professional designer, you can use these ideas and images to convey exactly what you are looking for. This will make it far easier for the designer to understand what you want and ultimately it will help them to come up with a great kitchen design that will blow you away!


Professional input from a reputable kitchen design company like George Robinson Kitchens will prove invaluable to you in the design stage. An experienced designer knows instinctively what works and what doesn’t in a kitchen and will help you to avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Expert kitchen designers know how to tie all of the key ingredients together coherently to create a kitchen that is both stunning and efficient. When choosing a company to handle your project, look carefully through their online portfolio of work to get a feel for their style and establish whether they could be the right company for your project.

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