Enjoy Whopping Discounts at TJ Maxx with these 7 tips – Guaranteed!


Though shopping at TJ Maxx is all about saving on your favorite brands, the truth is; if you do not shop smartly, you will not save a penny. To save outrageously, you have to shop SMARTLY and at the RIGHT TIME. Here are a few tips through which you can save abundantly and make the most out of your favorite items at TJ Maxx.

  • Morning is the RIGHT time!

Morning is the best time to shop at TJ Maxx.


Usually, they mark down the inventory after the store closes at night or in the morning when the store opens up. Thus, you can be the first one to get a hold of those markdowns and the best of everything can be grabbed. According to a TJ Maxx employee, Wednesday Mornings hold greater discounts as the markdowns usually take place on Tuesday nights after the store closes. So be there on Wednesday early in the morning!

  • Look for Yellow Price Tags

If you are picking up items with White tags at TJ Maxx, then my friend, you’re doing it all wrong. You aren’t saving much!

Despite being a retail store, initially all the products at TJ Maxx are sold at a regular price, if it does not get sold at the regular price, the prices are then scaled down. The process goes all the way from the initial white tags to the final yellow tags where you know this is the least price for your favorite item and that is where you should pick it up. White tags indicate a regular price, purple tags for runway collection items, red tags are for clearance sale price, blue tags for coordinating items and the final yellow tag for the final clearance price.

  • While Shopping Online, Save via Coupon Codes

What if we tell you that you can save more while shopping online than while shopping at the store? Yup, you heard that right! Now you get to enjoy additional discounts with 20% off TJ Maxx Promo Code. Choose the desired handbag, shoes, clothing or jewelry item online and be as innovative with room décor as you want – all at the comfort of your home.

What more can one ask for! You get to shop conveniently, and that too with additional discounts of up to 20–70%. To further facilitate, Clothingric.com metes out free shipping codes to let you enjoy free shipping.

  • Check for Markdowns through the Rack

Finding two similar products priced differently is not unusual at the store. Sometimes two similar shirts, hanging in the same rack can be priced differently, one with a red clearance price tag, and the other with a white regular price tag. This happens when an item misses a markdown for some reason. To make sure you’re not missing out on any discounts, browse through the rack very quickly to check for markdowns in your favs and inform the employee if your item has missed a markdown.  

  • Check the Clearance Section first

There is nothing wrong with looking for products in the clearance section. People usually assume that the products available in the clearance inventory are low in quality or badly defected. No, they are not low in quality. If the product has been in the inventory for longer than six months or a year, it goes into the clearance inventory. Yes, sometimes the products have a defect but it is so minor, chances are you won’t even notice it. (It is mostly an external issue like a tiny scratch or a minor stain that can be washed off.)

  • Don’t Hurry! Compare your prices online.

Like a Michael Kors Handbag? Those smoldering Dolce and Gabbana shoes are looking at you in the eye, crying out loud to take it with you? Can’t get off of a Calvin Klein sportswear that looks like it is made for you? Looking forward to buying it right away? Don’t!

Usually, they magnify the “compare at” prices in their tags to show more saving than the product actually allows. Before going to the store, download retail store apps like that of Amazon, Walmart, Sears, etc. Whatever you seem to like at TJ Maxx, search it in the apps and compare the prices of it online before the purchase so that you have a clear idea of what’s the real deal.

  • Subscribe to their Free Rewards Program

TJ Maxx has a Free Rewards Program that makes you liable to win $100 gift cards every month.

How does it work?

Every time you purchase with TJ Maxx or its website (and their sister stores or their site) you enter the monthly reward program. This reward program grants 25 gift cards of worth $100 every month, who knows you’re amongst the lucky 25. Other than the gift allowance, the card members are also informed about the special shopping hours with extra discounts and updated inventory, and they are invited to the private parties.

All you have to do is,

  • Sign up
  • Fill out the form with necessary details
  • Set a password
  • You will get a card with 19-digit number to validate your membership
  • Head to the nearest TJ Maxx store, take your membership card
  • Activate your membership online


Now you’re liable to the $100 gift card every month.

Tip: Try to skip the TJX Rewards Credit Card, you only get $5 on the purchase of every $200 which is only useful while making a large purchase, like that of a furniture, which is very unlikely, unless you are setting up a new home or office.
  • January and July call for Mighty Savings

During mid-December and mid-June, they make space for new inventory in the upcoming season. Thus, the best of their yearly sales can rejoice in January and July as the retailers, manufacturers and designers alike are getting rid of their winter and summer items respectively. Look out for red and yellow tags in January and July and thank us later.

These are our go-to tips when it comes to maximizing the discounts on already discounted products at TJ Maxx. Keep following us for more info on such discounts at your favorite stores. If you have any tips on how to save at TJ Maxx, let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

Happy Saving!


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