Cocofax: the Perfect Experience Efax Service


If your quest was to look for Efax service, then your search is finished over here as we are here with the perfect Efax service, which no one can regret using. It is an application to take over the old means of faxing.

It is a method that digitizes faxing and meeting the modern needs of a business. All your work can be done via your electronic device. Curious to know about it? Stay with us till the end of this article, and you will understand it.

Why send a fax online?

Once you get to know about it, you can start to fax with a whole new method. For business communications, mainly faxes are used around the globe. Faxes are used to transfer essential documents with utmost protection and safety. It is referred to as the most secure way to share important documents and data. Moreover, you can fax wherever there is WIFI, watch the video below to learn more about it:


We are going to present before you the most reliable faxing service. Do read about it and then decide whether it is what your business needs or not.

CocoFax: The Perfect EFax Service

CocoFax is one of the finest solutions and the perfect EFax service. It is delivering high-quality services in a very economical amount. It is serving two-factor authentication in order to give protection and privacy to its customers.

It offers dynamic features, which makes it stand out from the other options available in the market. There is no such reliable and dependable application other than CocoFax when it comes to faxing. You can also learn more about CocoFax on its homepage.

Fax Preview

CocoFax also allows its users to preview the fax before sending it to eliminate any sort of mistake. Or to add up anything if they feel to add up or attach any attachment. By doing so, they can protect themselves from forwarding faxes with any mistake.

Searchable Faxes

CocoFax also offers the users to search fax with just a mere keyword. No need to go through thousands of faxes just to find one of them. Just enter the keyword in the search bar, and you will get your desired results.

LifeTime Storage

CocoFac also gives unlimited and lifetime storage to store the faxes. The user, without any issue, can store as many faxes as he wants to. He can delete the fax himself if no longer needed, but there won’t be any space issue from CocoFax.

Mobile Application

CocoFax also has introduced mobile application d=for the ease of its users. Now the users don’t even need to have a PC nearby. They can simply send faxes via their cell phone. It’s pretty evident that in today’s times, everyone owns a smartphone, so it brings ease for the users.

Moreover, there is no exception of any operating system; your device can be android, windows, IOS. The application is available for all.

Hight Encrypted

The application comes with complete security to protect the data of the users from any mishap. Noone else than the users can get their eyes laid on the data. The application has two-factor authentication associated with it provides full-fledge security to the users. 

Secure for Environment

Cocofax is an environmentally friendly service. It helps eliminate the usage of paper, which is directly proportional to the elimination of cutting of trees. When fewer trees are cut, it enhances our environment and produces more oxygen. It will also add your part as a responsible citizen.

Sending a fax via CocoFax

Sending a fax is just 3step work:


Create an account at the official site of CocoFax and choose your fax number.


Choose the method to send the fax, compose the fax, add the receiver’s details, and recheck the fax.


Click the send button. When the receiver receives the fax, you will get the delivery report.

Receiving a Fax

When you receive a fax from someone, it is not a complicated process to read. CocoFax will let you know through an email alert when you receive any email. The received fax will show up as an added attachment in the email.

CocoFax translates the fax to pdf so that the attached fax document appears in PDF format. One thing to keep in mind is that your PC should be on at the time when someone is sending you fax if it is not on so you will not receive it.

You can also watch this video for a more precise understanding of sending and receiving a fax.

24/7 Support

The staff is present 24/7 to help out the clients and to resolve their concerns. You can contact the client anytime you feel you have some problem, making sure to solve your problem. They work in a very professional way and do know how to deal with their users.

Easy to handle

Whether the sharing of data is among companies or between colleagues, faxes are the most reliable and secure method. If the faxes become online, they become more secure as it won’t involve printing out the documents or using postal services to get them delivered. As you can get them delivered online.

CocoFax is a very convenient service. Anyone with the basic knowledge can use it and benefit from its splendid services. No one can deny the ease it brings in the lives of its users.

All the commands are very understandable and don’t require technical knowledge to proceed. Infact, online fax has changed the means of traditional faxes, and many companies are shifting to this method.

It also eliminates most of the manual work and puts away the burden. Many faxing services are available in the market, but not all can be trusted, so always go for the reliable one.


CocoFax is the perfect service for faxing work. You will not find anything better than this at such economical prices. Stop looking around and wasting your time. Just seize the opportunity you have in front of you. Create your account and start sending the faxes today. Do let us know about your experience as we are anticipating your feedback.

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