Connect a VPN-Enabled Router for Roku Unlimited With These Steps


Roku streaming can be exciting. However, it doesn’t come with an inbuilt VPN. This means that you might miss out on your favorite content—especially if you are located outside of the USA. That’s why you should invest in a VPN-enabled router. Among other things, a VPN will help you access geo-restricted content. Here is how to set up your VPN for unlimited Roku streaming.

How to Install Roku on Your Device

Are you looking for a quick way to install VPN Unlimited for your Roku? Well, start by setting up a virtual private network connection to your router. Then, set up a Roku account by visiting the website and completing the registration process. If you stream US content, be sure to configure your device with a US Roku account before connecting it to your router.

Once you’re done, perform a factory reset of the Roku device. Simply press and hold the Reset icon at the back of the device for about 15 seconds. Then connect your Roku device to your router. Log in to your Roku account and now you’re ready to go! You’ve successfully completed a Roku WiFi setup. Your Roku device is now connected to the VPN-enabled router and you should be able to watch your favorite shows and movies from U.S. channels. Get the best VPN. Here is the best VPN for Roku.

Mirroring Your Device to Roku

Mirroring replicates the screen of your device on your television. And the simplest way to utilize your VPN device to stream to a TV is to simply mirror your device to Roku. But before doing so, you need to install your Roku and then connect it to your device’s network.

Remember, this method might only work for some Android devices, not all. Open the ExpressVPN app on your device and tap the location picker. Then, choose your preferred location like and open a streaming app like Netflix. Select your favorite TV show or movie. You can then watch the content without any restrictions. In short, you’ve successfully bypassed the geo-restrictions.

Scroll down on the screen to access Quick Settings and once you’re there, tap Screen Cast. At this point, your device screen should be mirrored to your TV.

Mirroring Other Devices to Roku

Mirroring your iOS, laptop, and Mac to Roku can be quite challenging due to incompatibility issues. To bypass this restriction, download a third-party app that supports the mirroring of Roku to iOS as well as Mac.

For your laptop, you may want to download a third-party mirroring extension on your Google Chrome Extension.


Want to enjoy all your content without worrying about content geo-restrictions on Roku. Well, invest in a VPN. Well, to utilize a VPN connection on your Roku device, you need to connect it to a VPN-enabled router.

The above article expounds on the basic steps you need to connect a VPN-enabled router for unlimited Roku streaming. The process is simple, quick, and straightforward. So, you don’t need to worry so much.

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