Busy Parent? xFyro ANC Pro Headphones Are a Perfect Escape without Leaving Home


If you’re a busy parent, you know the value of a moment of alone time. 

A quick stroll around the block, a cup of coffee on a quiet morning, or even a moment of peace in the shower—we’ll take whatever we can get! 

But over the past year, those little escapes have been few and far between. Lockdowns have cooped us all up together, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting if you feel a little crazy sometimes! 

However, those little escapes are not gone for good. We just have to reinvent them. One of the best ways is with music. Music can boost the mood and make us feel miles away from the ordinary. 

If you have a pair of great noise-canceling headphones, it’s even better. Noise-canceling headphones block all distracting sounds so you truly feel alone with your music, even if you’re in a crowded place. 

There’s just one problem. Being a parent means we need to be aware of what’s going on around us pretty much all the time. 

That’s why the xFyro ANC Pro are the perfect headphones for parents. They have an artificial intelligence-powered noise-canceling mode that filters out ONLY the sounds you don’t need to hear. 

That means you’ll still hear necessary sounds like alarms, sirens, and little voices calling to you.

It’s the best way for parents to escape at home without having to stress about whatever the kids are getting into. 

How do they work? We’ll give you the full scoop below. Or, you can head straight to xFyro’s website where you can take 50% off a pair of xFyro ANC Pro for a limited time

xFyro ANC Pro: An Easy Escape

How do you escape from it all without taking a step out your door? The answer is active noise canceling (ANC). 

ANC headphones use special technology to block sounds from your environment, such as background noises from the TV, air conditioning, construction, and more. When you put them on, you teleport to a silent place where your music sounds crisp and clear. 

xFyro ANC Pro are some of the most advanced ANC headphones on the market. They feature 30 dB of ANC power, which is 50% more than most other headphones, including Apple’s AirPods Pro. 

This means when you turn the ANC on, you truly feel like you’re miles away. 

But that’s not even the best part.

xFyro’s brand new artificial intelligence program takes ANC to another level. And for parents, it makes all the difference. 

By switching to xFyro ANC Pro’s Transparency Mode, an AI algorithm will filter sounds from your surroundings into critical and non-critical categories. The AI understands more than 6000 distinct sounds! 

The critical sounds will be passed through to your ears via the headphone speakers. When this happens, the volume of your music will lower a bit, so you’ll be sure to hear the important noises. These critical sounds include sirens, alarms, approaching traffic, and voices speaking to you.

This means you won’t have to take your headphones off to hear a kid asking for a snack or to order your coffee on the way to work. It’s an easier and safer way to listen. 

All other non-critical noises will remain blocked, so you can enjoy your escape to the fullest. 

If you want to tune out the world for a total escape, you can switch off the Transparency Mode and enjoy full ANC power. Or, turn off ANC completely and listen normally. There’s a listening mode for every occasion.

Supreme Graphene Audio

The ANC is cool and all, but how do these headphones sound? 

Thanks to a newly discovered nanoparticle called graphene, xFyro ANC Pro feature super crisp audio across the spectrum.

Graphene was just discovered in 2004, and it was such a monumental find that its discoverers won a Nobel Prize! 

This super material is the strongest and thinnest material on Earth, despite being just one atom thick. This makes it perfect for speakers in tiny earbuds. 

xFyro’s graphene speakers are small but extremely powerful. They can get louder than other earbuds and deliver clearer sounds without distortion or degradation. 

Other speakers can’t handle certain frequencies because the vibrations could damage them. Graphene is invincible-strong (even harder than diamond!), so it sounds clearer at all frequencies. It even delivers booming bass, which is not common in true wireless earbuds.

The Longest Battery Life

Nothing is worse than putting on your headphones when you have a precious 5 minutes to escape… only to find that the battery is dead. 

That won’t happen with xFyro ANC Pro. They have the longest battery life of any earbuds on the market: 100-hours per charge.

The earbuds themselves can go for 10 hours per charge, or about 8 hours with the ANC mode active. That’s over 2x longer than other true wireless earbuds. 

There are another 90 hours of power in the carrying case. Every time you put your earbuds away, they’ll charge automatically in their case. 

Even if you listen to your headphones for 90 minutes a day, you’ll only need to charge the case once every 2 months. And, it charges to full in just two hours thanks to USB-C fast charging technology. 

Hands-Free Assistance 

Another perk of xFyro ANC Pro for parents? They turn your phone or tablet into a hands-free control center. 

When you put your earbuds in, they’ll automatically pair with your device of choice. Then, you can use voice commands to access your device right from the headphones. 

Need to schedule an appointment? Book a table? Put something on your calendar? Send a text? Make a call?

You can do it all hands-free right from your earbuds. 

xFyro feature Bluetooth 5.0 wireless tech too, which gives you a 30+ foot wireless range. That means you don’t need to keep your phone on you to access your apps. No more risking your phone during bath time, in the kitchen, or while feeding the kids!

Waterproof (And Kid-proof)

One of the best things about xFyro earbuds are that they’re tough. And you know you’re going to need that because as soon as your kids see them in your ears, they’re going to want to play with them.

Don’t worry. They can take it. xFyro ANC Pro are rated IPX5 waterproof, which means they can sustain powerful water jets without any moisture penetration. So, they can handle any type of rain, splashes from the bath, spills at dinner, and even a taste test in a toddler’s mouth. 

They’re also totally sealed to prevent dust and debris from getting inside, so you can take them to the beach (or sandbox) without worry. 

Note: While xFyro ANC Pro will survive your children, we don’t recommend letting them play with them. The small earbuds are a choking hazard.

Enjoy your Escape, You Deserve It!

You work HARD. And this past year, you’ve probably worked harder than ever to keep your family safe while sacrificing your own alone time. 

Well, now you have the chance to keep an eye on your family while enjoying an escape from it all. 

If you’re feeling a little drained or just want to get back into music, I can’t recommend any pair of headphones more than xFyro ANC Pro. For parents, they’re the only headphones that offer a real escape and real peace of mind. 

Want to give them a try? Use this link to get 60% off a pair of xFyro ANC Pro. You’ll also get free global shipping. 

Don’t miss your chance to get a great deal on these wireless earbuds. After this year, you deserve an escape! 

Learn more about artificial intelligence ANC and order your xFyro earbuds at xfyro.com.

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