How to Eat Out Alone Confidently


Dining out with family or friends is a great experience, but there are also many benefits to eating out alone. It may even be through necessity that you have to dine out alone at some time or another. Nevertheless, the prospect of eating out in public alone can be a worrying one for many people. 

Some reasons you may have for eating out alone include: 

  • Solo traveling 
  • During a work trip 
  • Simply wanting to get out of the house 
  • To enjoy having a meal cooked for you 
  • To spend more time connecting with yourself

Especially for busy parents, there may come a time when you want to eat in a restaurant but also need a break from parenting duties (it happens, after all). If you’ve organized a babysitter and want to enjoy peace and quiet alone with a nice meal, you don’t need to feel guilty about indulging once in a while

Despite the many good reasons for eating out alone, it can still be a tricky concept for people who have never done it before, or who may feel awkward. 

Reasons You May Be Worried About Eating Out Alone 

  • You suffer from social anxiety 
  • You are a picky eater 
  • You suffer from eating or swallowing problems
  • You lack self-confidence
  • You’re not sure where to eat

How to Eat Out Alone Confidently 

Build your confidence with the following steps. 

Start Somewhere Easy 

Dining out alone in a high-class restaurant with tables packed together may be completely overwhelming. Instead, for your first try, find somewhere smaller, less busy and more unassuming, even if it’s simple like a food court with tables. This will let you know how you feel eating alone as a starting point. 

Understand Your Own Needs 

Dining out alone with confidence doesn’t mean you have nothing to worry about. It just means preparing for your own needs ahead of time. If you have dietary or allergy requirements, understand how best to explain that yourself (if someone usually orders for you, or does it for you). If you know there’s a particular type of restaurant or food you’d feel most comfortable with, try for that first. If you have any other requirements relating to your health or eating habits, then make sure you plan ahead so you can feel more comfortable. Products like with SimplyThick can help those who struggle with comfortably swallowing food and drink. 

Book a Table in Advance

Where you sit can have a huge effect on your confidence levels. You also don’t want to turn up to a restaurant only to be turned away because the tables are full. If you book in advance, not only are you assured a seat, but you may also be able to request a specific one. You could ask for a corner booth, for example, to sit more comfortably, as opposed to a table in the middle of the room which is more open. 

Take Something to Do 

Eating out is a great opportunity to take it slow, eat mindfully and connect with your environment. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t take something with you to set the scene. You could take a book, so you don’t feel you have nothing to do with your eyes or hands. You could even take work with you if you need to catch up on something. 

Eating alone can be a rewarding experience, so don’t hesitate to try it when you can.

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