Breast Milk Jewelry is a Unique Gift for a One-of-a-kind Mom


Breast milk jewelry is an actual thing.  And it is a really cool thing.  Seriously.  Don’t laugh or cringe.  Wait.  Let’s talk about this for a second.

Never, in a million years, did I EVER think I would want something made from my own breastmilk, especially a piece of Breast Milk Jewelry. Unless you are immersed in a world where that is even something you have heard of regularly, you probably don’t even know something like that exists. And you are probably thinking – WHAT is she talking about!

Let me start by saying, when my first son was born, I was young and had very little guidance.  I decided to breastfeed not because it was the best option for mom and baby, but because I was pressured into it without really being educated on it.  I nursed exclusively for the first couple of days.  After a few miserable days as a first-time mom with a jaundiced baby, I decided I would pump and bottle feed. 

Breast Milk Jewelry

After a few miserable weeks, I ended up with severe mastitis in my right breast.  I thought I was going to die.  What’s worse is that the milk I expressed in the middle of the night and then refrigerated for later use was filled with blood and other fluids that relate to infection.  I will spare you the details.  Long story short, I stopped nursing that day.  It wasn’t a good experience for my son or me.

By the time my second child was born, I had decided ahead of time I wasn’t going to bother with breastfeeding and went straight to formula.  That little one constantly struggled to feed.  He suffered from horrible constipation, reflux, and could only take very small amounts of formula per feeding before it upset his little tummy.  I didn’t realize that even though I wasn’t producing milk anymore by the time I realized how the formula was impacting him that there were other ways of feeding him naturally. 

Breast Milk Jewelry

When my daughter arrived, I decided from the start to breastfeed her, and I was so amazed at how well we both took to it.  I was simultaneously angry with myself for not trying harder with my first two children and amazed at the way my body was providing this amazing and beautiful complete sustenance for my baby girl.  It truly was a remarkable process. @niycpidge ✨✨✨I was so moved yesterday at the #bossbabe retreat by both of your extraordinary souls and I would love to honor you with a custom #goddesstag each! These are handmade energetic, intention-setting talismans that I hope to serve you as powerful touchstones in your amazing journey empowering women around the world. Your cause is my cause too 💜! Please take a peak at my website or page for inspiration on stone choices or tag intention choices – OR – I can intuitively choose something for you by going into deep meditation and talking to your higher power direct (that is if you give me permission to access). DM me with any ideas or questions and a P.O. Box to ship to. Thank you so much for your offering yesterday!!! 🙏🏾🌸✨

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Those stolen middle-of-the-night moments during late night feedings are sacred.  There is nothing sweeter than the beautiful warmth and weight of your previous bundle nuzzled against you, skin to skin, while your body does what nature intended.  Breastfeeding is an astonishing journey that should be celebrated. Breast Milk Jewelry strives to do just that.

Breast Milk Jewelry

Beautiful and unique stones are formed from your own breast milk and fashioned into pieces that can be worn to commemorate the spiritual and physical bond formed between mom and baby.  It is truly the most remarkable and extraordinary thing to do for your child.  Why aren’t we celebrating it more?

These beautiful Breast Milk Jewelry pieces can be created as a Goddess tag, a ring, bracelet, or pendant.  Each piece is handmade just for you with energetic stones for the jewelry pieces or customizable message for the Goddess tag.

Breast Milk Jewelry

Women are remarkable and amazing creatures.  Our bodies can perform miracles.  Although we may neglect these bodies of ours as our children grow older and we give more of ourselves to them, it is crucial that we acknowledge and support the deep and powerful strength we each have.  Being able to nourish our children directly from our own bodies is almost magical. 

Commemorating the magic of those precious moments with our babes at our breasts in this one of a kind Breast Milk Jewelry is an amazing way of holding onto the memory of that journey.  Our kids grow up way too fast.  But a special, unique piece of breast milk jewelry can certainly give us tangible talismans of those early days of motherhood and remind us of a bond that can never be broken.

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