Top 5 Tips To Control Pests


The sight of creepy crawly creatures around the house can ruin your entire day and demand reliable pest control solutions. They are not only an unpleasant sight but can also create some serious unsanitary conditions for you and your family. Insects can be attracted to your house due to a number of reasons, and while it is easy to get rid of them by spraying an insect spray all over them, you can’t do that when you have kids around. Insect sprays can be extremely detrimental to the health of all living things; yes that includes you as well. They have been under speculation for a while now and have been the known cause of some serious health conditions like Alzheimer’s, a variety of cancers, birth and fetal defects, leukemia, endocrine disruption, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and serious reproductive disorders.

The question remains, how to get rid of pests in a way which does not have adverse effects on your health. I have compiled top 5 tips for you to control those unwelcomed guests and keep them at bay.

Seal Food Containers

There are ways to control pests without poisoning your body. You can start by making sure there are no food particles anywhere; crumbs attract all kinds of insects, especially ants. Use airtight containers to store food and refrigerate anything which may attract insects.

Throw Out Your Garbage

Garbage bins are perfect breeding grounds for garbage flies. Although garbage flies play an important role in breaking down organic matter, they can make the environment extremely unhealthy and contaminated.

Natural Remedies

Different kinds of insects can be controlled with natural remedies as well. For instance:

  • Ants can be controlled by spreading cucumber peels, coffee beans or garlic paste. You can even spray vinegar to keep ants at bay.
  • Sodium tetraborate decahydrate or more commonly known as Borax powder can be the answer to your woes. Borax powder is easily available in the market. All you need to do is mix the borax powder with water to make a thick paste and apply it to an insect home. The solution can help you get rid of roaches and ants and is completely harmless to humans unless ingested.

Fly Screens

Your windows should have fly screens and they should be closed, especially during dawn and dusk. This is the time when mosquitoes are most likely to fly into your house. Mosquitoes not only suck your blood and make you super uncomfortable with constant itching and scratching, they also carry diseases like malaria with them. Mosquitoes can be kept at bay by using organic oils like citronella, lemongrass and lavender oil. You cannot completely restrict your child’s outdoor activities but you can protect them by making them wear clothes that cover the arms and legs. Moreover, apply mosquito repellant lotion, especially at night, for safety.

Pest Control

If things are completely out of hand and nothing works for you, maybe it is time to call a reliable pest control service. However, make sure you are fully aware of the kind of products they are using and what kind of harm they can impose on you and your family. If you are getting complete fumigation of your house, I advise you to temporarily leave your house for 3 days at least, till the fumes have dispersed and it is safe to breathe.

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