Best Ideas for a Kid’s Summer Party


Summer is the best time to throw a party for the kid in your life, but kids can be demanding, and choosing a suitable activity everyone can enjoy is no easy task. Admittedly, this is a first world issue, but no one wants to experience the same things on repeat.

The decision to choose a unique summer party over covering the same old ground can be the difference that differentiates your party from the rest. What’s most important is everyone who attends enjoys themselves. It’s time to look for inspiration!

If you’re interested in trying something different this year, use the ideas for a summer party below as motivation and you’ll be amazed by what’s possible:

Trampoline Party
Trampolines are great fun for the whole family, but even more so for kids who enjoy the concept of bouncing around at their own will. It’s important to seek out more than one professional trampoline. Research in-ground trampoline costs online to discover what works best for you. The addition of one or more trampoline can spice up any party, and whether you theme your whole party around trampolines or simply include one as an extra, you’ll be in for a treat.

Jungle Theme
What’s not to love about a jungle-themed party? For one, the costumes are adorable, and kids will be enthused by simple attractions. You can decorate the party with functional toys like stuffed animals and tropical leaves, and achieve a fantastic aesthetic on budget. Encourage kids to arrive in jungle-themed fancy dress, and incorporate games like “Tarzan Tag” to bring an element of fun to proceedings.

Pool Party
Nothing is better to get respite from the summertime heat than a pool party! If your family owns a pool, open it up! If you don’t, ask a neighbor if you can host a party at their place (perhaps offer to pay rent).

Do some research to figure out how many kids will be coming, what kinds of water games they’ll play, or how much jumping off a diving board they’ll want to do, and then browse through pools like these from Monarch Pools & Spas. See if you can find a similar pool at a friend’s house, a local hotel, or even the public pool, and then rent it out. Whether it’s an above-ground pool or an in-ground one, indoor or outdoor, a pool party will be a smash–that is, splash–hit!

Teddy Bear Theme
Who doesn’t love teddy bears? This party is easy to execute and simply requires you to ask attendees to bring a teddy bear with them. Guests will be actively involved in the process and feel happy to be part of things.

Upon arrival, kids can be treated with a plush new toy as a reward for bringing their teddy and be met with a cute blanket ready for the party. Supply outfits to reward their efforts, and this will keep their minds occupied whether they’re dressing teddys or themselves! Be amazed by the tranquility of a toy party, and sit back and enjoy the efforts of your organization.

Chocolate Theme
Kids love chocolate, and an opportunity to create their own chocolate will be met with open arms. Kids can be entertained without you spending an arm and a leg, and with a few molds to shape their treats, they’ll be amazed by something they’d only seen previously in industrial packaging.

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