How to Help Out an Aging Parent


Your parents may not be as spry as they used to be. While they’re still active, on their feet, and not in need of long-term care yet, the aging process can still be a challenge, especially once they’re no longer able to drive.

While you don’t need to be available to Mom or Dad 24/7, there are some ways you can help them out. Check out this list of ways to make sure your parents continue to stay in good physical shape.

Keep Their Car Running Smoothly

While it’s easy for you to pop the hood of your car and do an inspection, it won’t be as easy for your 75-year-old mother. To make sure her car is running well, do some routine checks for her now and again. You can look at new Ford vehicle research online to stay up-to-date on tips and simple solutions so you can keep her car in mint shape on your own. Plus, if she’s not taking her car out regularly, you should take it for a spin every two to three weeks to keep it in good condition.

Take them to Doctor’s Appointments
We all have a bad habit of procrastinating, and your parent is no exception. While your dad might be great about heading to the dentist and doctor on a regular basis, more likely than not, he’ll need a little nudge now and then. Offer to drive him to the clinic or dentist, and, as he gets older, you may want to be kept up to date on his specific health needs. Your dad ages, he may want dentures or hearing aids, and you can help him get those, and anything else, he needs.

What to Do When They Say No
While you might be totally on board with helping your parent, he or she may not like it. Old age can be frightening, and once your child starts coming over to help you around the house, you know your health is declining.

It can be demoralizing, and most adults fight back with a good old-fashioned, “No.” You may ask to drive Mom to the doctor, or to help Dad with his car, only to get a flat refusal: “I can do it myself.” The only problem is, the longer they do it themselves, the bigger the risk they run of getting injured. There are some simple ways to start easing Mom and Dad into accepting care.

The sooner you start, the easier it will be once serious care, like an assisted living, becomes necessary. Start having conversations as soon as possible. Don’t push it, and be patient. Sound reasonable and willing, without sounding like they have to do what you say.

You can try to indirectly approach the issue, too, such as, “Hey, Dad, I learned a new car maintenance trick this week. Can I show you?” Hopefully, you can sneak care into your parent’s life, before they even know they’re being cared for! Little by little, you and Mom or Dad can work something out, until they’re getting the care they need, and you know they’re right where they should be.

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