Battle Boredom with Wikki Stix


School has been out for all of like two and a half seconds. Well, maybe it’s been over for a little longer than that. Either way, to me summer has literally just begun. We have been jam-packed with activities. Every week we have had another adventure as a family. Some weeks we’ve had several adventures. And still, I am already hearing the dreaded call every parent hates.

The one that is the bane of summer’s existence. Those three dreaded words dragged out oh, so whiningly. You know them, right? “Mo-ooo-oooooooom. I’M BORE-RE-RE-RE-RE-ED!” This is where Wikki Stix have come to the rescue!

Keep Kids Entertained Even in a No Phone Zone

No matter how many devices they have, toys they get, or playdates we plan, it is inevitable. Their devices have trained their brains to crave that sort of instant gratification. Their reward-centers are pinging off every surface every time they pick up the tablet or the phone or laptop. And kids are getting their hands on these devices younger and younger. At least my kids are…but now I digress. Every once in a while, I like to find new and creative ways to disengage them with the electronics attached to their faces. It’s good for them to understand what 3-dimensional people look like in their natural habitats. It’s also good for ME to remember just how annoying they can be when they’re bored just to keep mothering interesting. 

Wikki Stix are amazing tools at getting kids, especially fidgety kids, to use their hands and imaginations. During the last no-tech weekend we had, I brought out a couple of big packs of Wikki Stix. No lie, all five of us sat at the dining room table for two hours making new creations and telling stories. 

The Perfect Piece of Nostalgia in Wikki Stix

While the five of us sat around that night using our hands to create sculptures and designs, my husband and I couldn’t help but reminisce about playing with them as kids. When I was in elementary school, I would often go spend the day with my grandma if I was home sick from school. My mom had to work, and my grandma lived near enough to be able to take care of me while my mom was at work. I remember so many afternoons laying on the couch in my grandma’s living room, one of her handmade afghans thrown over me, playing with Wikki Stix while listening to her knitting needles click-clack away. It was a simple yet engaging toy, and a perfect way to introduce our tech-obsessed kids to a nostalgic favorite all while fighting off the summer boredom.

Portable, Packable, Fun

One of my favorite things about having my little ones play with Wikki Stix is that they are super portable. You can slide several into a purse or a diaper bag to make great entertainment for the younger ones at a restaurant, a ballgame, or wherever else you may need to keep tiny toys engaged and entertained. And the absolute best part is they aren’t messy and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. If you lose one (or let’s face it–several), it’s not a huge deal. You aren’t out a ton of money. And your kids aren’t likely going to be attached to one particular Wikki Stix as if it’s a favorite stuffed animal or blankee. 

Wikki Stix has a whole host of fun activity packs. They have just introduced a brand new Wikki Stix Activity Book to help fight summer boredom. The adventure pack comes with 72 Wikki Stix and 28 full pages of activities from connect-the-dots to matching games. It’s perfect for kids ages 3-6, but truth be told, it’s kinda fun for older kids, too.  Not only does it get kids DOING instead of watching, but it helps keep them engaged and entertained with the same old classic we knew and loved growing up.


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