6th Birthday Secrets: Putting a Unique Twist on Kids Party Planning


Party planning for a child’s birthday can be fun, exciting, and creative, but can also be exhausting. You want to make sure your child has fun at their party, but you do not want it to be the same boring cake and ice cream event that occurs year after year.

How can you go about finding a creative and unique twist to the traditional kid’s birthday party? One way to do this is to think inside the box, literally. A photo booth hire is an excellent way to get the kids jazzed up about the party, dress up and keep them busy, as well as capture the fond memories that will be made at your child’s six-year milestone.

Keep reading below to learn how you can put a unique twist on your child’s party planning and throw a birthday event to remember.

Choose A Theme

The best way to put a unique spin on a party is to choose a theme. You can go with a cowboy or pirate party for a boy or a princess or Harry Potter party for a girl. Check to see what the latest trend is in kid’s toys or movies and select that as the theme of the party. By making it relevant to the child, they and their friend’s will have a much better than time than just cake and ice cream with streamers.

Invest In A Photo Booth

Another excellent way to incorporate a unique twist to a birthday party is to set up a photo booth. You want to be able to capture the moments of your child’s party, but aside from hiring an expensive photographer, who has time to run around snapping pictures of the kids when you have so many other tasks to keep up with at the party?

What happens is that you do not end up with very many pictures of the party or you have to rely on family and friends sharing the pictures they took with you. By investing in a photo booth, the kids get to dress up in crazy hats and oversized glasses and go into the photo booth and make memories with their friends. The random pictures that will be taken are worth every penny when you relive the moments of your child’s party in the future.

Keep Them Busy

Another unique way to host a birthday party for small children is to keep them busy. When kids are engrossed in something, they have all their attention diverted to that activity. When they are not busy, the yelling and screaming as well as chasing one another around and knocking stuff over happens.

An excellent way to keep youngsters busy at a birthday party is to be crafty with paints. Make sure in your invitations to have the child wear clothes that can get paint on them. Then have them paint out the selected theme of the party. It will not only keep them busy but also allow them to be creative while having fun!

Have Snacks

The last critical aspect of having a unique party is to have snacks for the children. Rather than just having cake and ice cream, make sure to include healthy alternatives such as fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds. Investigate if any children who are coming to the party have nut allergies first and omit this food group as needed. Also, include fun foods with the theme of the party as well as bite-sized options for small fingers.

What Is The Best Way To Capture The Memory Of This Day?

The best ways to remember the party of your six-year-old is to plan a themed birthday party and to invest in a photo booth. You can also plan a craft station to keep them occupied. These are all ways to keep the fond memories of your child’s birthday fresh in your mind. When the memory of that day starts to wane, possibly when they are teenagers, bring out the photos that were snapped in the photo booth to remember your child as the innocent and sweet kid that they are and continue to be.

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