7 Safe Ways to Drink Medicine When You are Pregnant


If there is one thing I want to maintain while I was pregnant, it was my baby’s safety. Being pregnant is risky, and just a few mistakes could lead to dangers in my body. I do not want to have complications just because I was too lax in knowing what is safe.

That is why I am always careful whenever I take medicines. For instance, taking Mucinex while pregnant made me think twice before I took it to be sure that I stay safe.

In this post, you will find seven effective ways on how you can drink medicines safely during pregnancy.

7 Safe Ways to Drink Medicine When You are Pregnant

  1.    Think Twice and Ask Questions

Is this medicine safe for my baby? Have I tried it before? How might it affect my health and my pregnancy?

Asking questions first before taking a medicine can help you reevaluate its safety and risk on your body. It will give you time to think and avoid negative consequences in the future.

  1.    Natural Ways Work Too

Avoid jumping on the “popping of the pill” wagon each time you feel something. If you have a headache, lie down and rest your body. Drink water and take a nap in a cool environment. The pain we feel can be alleviated with a change of activity or environment.

Identify first the source of your body pain. Standing too long can make your back and legs sore. A hot weather at home may contribute to your headache.

  1.    Reading Goes a Long Way

Do your homework. Research the ingredients that you need to avoid while you are pregnant. Then, read the label of the medicines and see if there are contents that you must avoid. It helps if you can research on the different ingredients of each medicine you consider, so you are aware if it will be safe for your body or not.

You can find good sources online that will give you more information about the medicine you plan to take. Search also for comments from doctors and health experts about what they think and what are their recommendations. You can also look for stories of pregnant women who took in the medicine before.

  1.    Being Alert Has Its Perks

Identify your body’s symptoms. Having a headache without any other signs of pain in the body may not be too alarming to pop in medicine instantly.  If you have severe colds while experiencing a throbbing headache, you might want to consider a safe pain relief.

It also helps to write down symptoms of your body. It will help your doctor evaluate your current situation when you have your regular checkup. That way, she can recommend a safe medicine for you based on your symptoms and even advice what you can do to prevent future pain.

  1.    Avoid Taking Chances

Is someone introducing a new medicine to you? Are you interested in trying a medicine you saw on TV? There are times when we encounter new drugs that promote effective and even instant relief. But, do not easily give in to these guarantees.  

Despite the assurance of the effectiveness of a new medicine, it is always safe to avoid taking a risk.

  1.    Talk to Your Doctor

During your pregnancy, your doctor is one of your best friends. I always feel secured whenever I see my doctor since she tells me what I must do to be safe and to avoid complications. I followed her advice, and it works! My body was healthy, and my baby was safe.

Every time you have questions or concerns, it is best to talk to your doctor about it. Situations of pregnant women vary even if it looks similar. Your pregnancy may be easy while others suffer pain and difficulties in just a few months.

Have a regular checkup with your doctor. Be honest with what you feel in your body. Always bring up even the smallest concern if it is bothering you. Most importantly, follow your doctor.

  1.    Stick to Your List

Your doctor can give you a list of medicines that you can take whenever you need to. You can ask what medications she recommends for headaches, colds, flu, constipation and even rashes.

Ask your doctor if there are also safe alternatives you can do to ease up the pain in your body. Once you have a list, stick to it. If you feel something beyond what is on the list, consult your doctor first.

It Pays to Stay Safe!

7 Safe Ways to Drink Medicine When You are PregnantSometimes, we end up doing a different thing due to money reasons and convenience. The other way is already available or offering a cheaper option for us. However, evaluating the risks it can bring to the body may even cost us more.

I remembered a friend taking in a new pain relief medicine during her second trimester. It was her first time to drink that medicine, and soon she experienced severe pain in her stomach. She was lucky her doctor was in the hospital to deal with the problem immediately.

We would love to know your experiences and what you have learned before. Share your comments below.

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7 Safe Ways to Drink Medicine When You are Pregnant

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4 years ago

Nice blog..Thanks for sharing pregnancy tips about medicine and food.

There are also availble pragnancy exercises and check up tips