6 Limo Tips for the Teens During Prom Season


Prom night is one of the most highly anticipated nights for high school students in their senior year. You get to wear luxury gowns or tuxedos, have that magical dance and have the chance to be crowned prom king or queen!

We know just how much you want this night to run smoothly and have the time of your life, especially when it comes to hiring a limo service in Tenafly, NJ for you and your friends to enjoy.

Here are some important tips to consider when booking a limo for your prom night!

Book Your Prom Limo in Advance

Prom season is also homecoming season. With two biggest high school events occurring at the same time, it’s important to always reserve your limo at least 2 months in advance, so you’re ensuring that you get the vehicle you want!

Talk About the Limo Rental with your Friends

If you are planning to go to prom with your friends make sure you confirm and know exactly how many of your friends will be attending the event. Is a luxury SUV what you need? Or a stretch limo? In order to choose the right vehicle, you need to an accurate accounting of people attending.

Post-Prom Party

When you rent a limo from Empire Limousine, just remember that you are renting the vehicle and time taken! Is there is a post-prom party? remember to include that time as part of the package. The same goes for the picture taking ceremony. Planning ahead is key to enjoy a special night!

Know the Total Cost

When hiring a limo for your prom ask about the total cost. Find out the mandatory gratuity, any additional charges, surcharges or any other fees. Get your limo service provider to give you a written confirmation showcasing the total cost.

Licensed and Insured?

The state of New Jersey requires all the limo companies to be licensed and insured. A properly insured and licensed means that the vehicles are inspected by the CHP, maintained and mechanically certified every 45 days, and the chauffeurs are trained, licensed and drug tested!

These types of licenses are expensive and is one of the reasons why companies avoid the cost of it! Empire Limousine doesn’t and is one of the many reasons why you can trust, that you’re being looked after by a professional company.

The Limo Fleet

It’s important to see what style vehicle you’re hiring and any reputable limo company, like Empire Limousine will be happy to show you their fleet of vehicles!

This will help limo companies get in touch with you and make suggestions about any special requirements that you want!

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GiGi Eats
3 years ago

Oh man. I never went to prom, thus limos were never involved! I can imagine prom being such a fun time though !!

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Essay Writer Online
3 years ago

Hey Gigi, the same thing happened to me. Nonetheless, glad to read the tips for the teens during prom season.