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Being a single parent is far more common these days, however that doesn’t mean it gets any easier. There’s a famous quote about Ginger Rogers that says, “She did everything that Fred Astaire did, only backwards.” In some ways, being a single parent is similar, except you’re doing everything other parents do, only solo.

Its hard enough raising kids with a supportive partner let alone parenting on your own after a divorce or during a separation. It takes confidence, resilience and courage. If you’re a single mom or dad trying to juggle the needs of 1 or more kids… rest assured you’re not alone.

SharedCare is a new App getting worldwide attention for getting everyone on the same page when it comes to taking care of the kids after divorce or separation. If you have joint or shared custody of kids this is the App is for you It can be downloaded from the App Store or on GooglePlay.

You don’t need to be a “super parent”- and if you try to be one, your stress will get in the way of that goal. Be compassionate and reasonable toward yourself, your ex and your kids. This is the only way forward.


The SharedCare App allows parents to easily share vital information, keeping parents and families up to date with all the care arrangements and children’s activities. It is especially useful for parents in stressful situations where the lines of communication have broken down.

Helen Ronnenbergh, Certified Divorce Recovery Coach said that one of the biggest challenges for separating parents is the administration of the parenting agreements.


SharedCare takes care of this and is invaluable in helping parents transitioning to their new family structure. SharedCare greatly assists in avoiding unnecessary arguments that can be so damaging to the mental wellbeing of the children.

 ‘I highly recommend the SharedCare App to my clients with children and anyone who is separated or divorced with children,’ said Ms Ronnenbergh.

With kids there is always a lot going on and keeping respective timetables aligned, while keeping everyone happy and in the loop, can be challenging.

Family breakdown is never easy, however can be less difficult if arrangements are agreed in advance and everything is kept civil and out in the open and always with the children’s wellbeing in mind.

Things like negotiating school holidays can be difficult, particularly when parents are juggling their own work commitments and perhaps even new relationships. It is important to ensure these arrangements also include time with grandparents or extended family, which are often forgotten during the messy process of separation and divorce.


 Some of the features include:


–           Group Calendar to Share Event Information

–           Set and Check Drop Off / Pick Up Times

–           Newsfeed to Post Comments and Photos

–           Notifications when Updates Added

–           Setup Custody Arrangements

–           Check Percentage of Care

–           Update Contacts & Set Reminders

–           Record Expenses & Log Receipts

–           Access Support Services

–           English, Spanish and French Available


Whatever you choose to do with your kids, do your best to keep it relaxing, tension free and enjoyable. Not only will transitions smooth out, but you may also discover some treasured memories get created along the way.


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