Winter Wardrobe Essentials For 2018


With winter fast approaching, now is the time to start to get your wardrobe ready for the colder months of the year. Although you may be hesitant to put away your summery clothes and say goodbye to the warmth, it is worth keeping in mind that it can actually be a lot easier to be stylish during the winter months. You can experiment the with layers, different colors, and of course accessories. Play, there is nothing quite like wrapping yourself up before heading out. So, if you are looking to get your wardrobe ready for the chilly months ahead then read on for a few must-have essentials for this winter.

Winter Sweaters

One of the best things about winter is putting on a big, comfortable winter sweater and wrapping yourself up. The great thing about big winter sweaters is the fact that in addition to being warm and comfortable, they can also be stylish with all kinds of different designs to choose from. Think big chunky knits and seasonal colors such as deep oranges, reds and purples. Invest in quality and it will see you through many winters to come.

Underwear – Invest a Good Bra

It is, of course, not always about what you are wearing on the outside. During the winter months you will want to be as comfortable as possible. A full coverage bra is a great option for winter as it will give you all the support that you need throughout the day without compromising comfort or style. No matter if you are just running errands or heading out for a night out on the town, a supportive and comfortable bra is the basis for any outfit and a solid investment. Mix and match with different colors, too, so you have options for every kind of outfit.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are ideal for winter because they will keep you warm and their streamlined silhouette enables you to layer up on top for both style and warmth. Not only this, but skinny jeans can be combined with many different looks and will be suitable for going to work, going out in the evening or out and about running daily chores. They are practical, trendy and versatile, and a must-have for even the most simple of outfits this winter.


You will need a few accessories to combat the cold during the winter months, but these can also add a healthy dose of style and visual interest to any outfit. Fedoras, beanies and any other hat can keep your head and ears warm, whilst blanket wrap scarfs and leather gloves are a superb way to add another layer and inject color into your outfit. Build up a strong collection of scarves so that you can mix and match. This will also mean you’re never caught out with a scarf that doesn’t suit your outfit for the day.

Statement Coat/Jacket

Finally, you need a statement coat or jacket that will turn heads when you are out and about. This will be the item that you take with you everywhere you go should it should be something that you take pride in and acts as the foundation for your entire outfit. It will, of course, also need to be practical and keep you warm for those cold mornings and nights.

These are the main items that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe this winter. The weather will soon begin to plummet, and it is a smart move to have these items in your wardrobe ready to go (you may also benefit from sales on winter clothing before it actually arrives). It is a time for wrapping up warm and being comfortable, but it is also a time for showing off your personal style and looking good.

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5 years ago

My favorite part about winter is eating all the carbs and stuffing myself into skinny jeans. It’s ok, cuz sweaters.