Mini Babybel, and a movie, in a fort



Mini Babybel is great.  We’ve been eating it for years, but then when you add a movie, or two, and play in a fort, with the little one(s), it’s a blast.  My 18 year old, daughter, loves the Mini Babybel.  She, and her beau, eat the majority of it, every time we purchase Mini Babybel.  I love it too, especially the Mozzarella.  It’s great.  They also have White Cheddar, which is my other favorite.  But, all flavors are worth buying.  I just have my favorites.

Here’s a great snack, to go with your movie:


There’s nothing like getting fresh ‘n fruity at lunchtime. The mint, the me, the fruit…we belong together.


  • 1 Mini Babybel® Original semisoft cheese
  • ½ cup strawberries
  • 1 cup honeydew
  • A few leaves of mint or pineapple mint


Cut the Mini Babybel into four equal pieces. Mix together strawberries and honeydew with Mini Babybel pieces and accent by tearing fresh mint or pineapple mint leaves. (In a hurry for a quick lunchbox add? Skip the cutting and pair fresh, whole strawberries with a Mini Babybel for a fun combo!)

The Movies, ahh, at AMC Movie Theatres.
Sarah, my 18 year old, daughter, and her boyfriend, along with my husband, son, age 4, and myself, went to see Deadpool.  It was so great, to have an evening out, all together.  Jacob, age 4, loved it.  Sarah loved it as well.  We all actually thought it was pretty great.  We love the comfortable seating at AMC Theatres.  And, though we snuck in some Mini Babybel, we did purchase food and beverages, that were great.  Sarah and Josh, her 19 year old boyfriend, stayed for a second movie. 
And, Jacob loved that daddy built him a fort, in his bedroom.  We went in, and watched some PJ Masks, together.  It was so much fun.  We turned out the lights, and used flashlights, too. 
I’ve never had so much fun with my family.
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