5 Negative Effects of Improper Rubbish Removal


It is very important to keep our environment clean for the goodness of our healthy and what surrounds us. This is where rubbish removal services come in. They help to carefully remove waste from our homes and offices for safe disposal. This makes our environment clean with less exposure to diseases and various negative risks. When waste is not handled safely, it creates a bad impression which can even affect the economy of a country.

Besides human beings, animals too rely on a green environment. Therefore the failure to handle and dispose of rubbish well can have the following effects:

Bad impact on human health with improper rubbish disposal

This is mostly experienced in places with a high population. Children and rubbish removal workers are the most significant people at risk. You may end up burning waste such as plastic bags, which fills the air. This may expose people to diseases such as cancer, respiratory complications among others.

When people come into contact with harmful waste, they get blood infections and skin irritation. Humans can also get diseases from fliesm which concentrate on improperly disposed waste. Flies serves as the main carriers of illnesses such as cholera. Rats may also infest solid waste, spreading diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus. Another example is when people step on broken and scattered bottles that causes wounds which are hard to heal. So, it’s very important to hire cheap rubbish removal services to keep everything safe.

Soil contamination

Improper rubbish removal may lead to contamination. There are dangerous wastes contain harmful chemicals. Once such waste accumulates on the land they slowly leak deep into the soil. A good example is that of plastic waste. They release a hazardous chemical known as DEHA once they decompose. This may affect not only the plant growth but our reproduction systems.

It becomes risky for humans and animals to depend on these plants for food. This is why proper rubbish removal is critical for the safety of our soil system, which supplies plants with nutrients for growth.

Air contamination

You need proper rubbish removal services to dispose of wastes such as acids and bleaches. They should be removed and kept inside certified containers having appropriate labels. People end up burning plastics and paper bags which emits toxic gases.

Such gases not only affect the ozone layer but human humans being also. Any form of waste that releases dioxins tends to be risky to the health of living organism once they accumulate the air. Improperly disposed waste decomposes and releases landfill gases which can be explosive.

Water contamination

Harmful wastes accumulating in the environment may find their way into waterways. They end up being disposed into rivers and oceans which are our main sources of water. Water from such sources is used for a number of purposes. Toxic liquid wastes can also find their way into waterways.

Rubbish creates an awful site

Improper rubbish removal increases the accumulation of wastes in one area. This, in turn, creates a very ugly scene to watch. Such wastes destroy the beauty of an environment such as a town or even in our homes. Nobody will feel comfortable once in a site of a heap of scattered plastic papers and other bad looking waste.

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