TRINITY Sliding Pot Organizer, stop those pots and pans from falling out your cabinet!


Over the holidays my husband surprised me with a pot and pan set, and boy was I happy. You see, some of my pans and pots were pretty old and I just wasn’t ready to part with them no matter how bad they look.

Some I knew for sure were really old because I received them back when I got married, shhh I won’t say just how long ago that was but it was long! So you can imagine how overwhelmed I was when I saw he had bought the Simply Calphalon Nonstick 14 Piece Cookware Set .

Oh, you should have seen the smile on my face when I saw this set, after all I love the Calphalon brand. Now before I opened the box there were two things he mentioned that I must do first. Yes, I know you know too, get rid of those old pots and pans and organize those that  remained.

He clearly noted that he was tired of opening up the cabinet and having a wave of pots and pans fall on him. That along with not being able to find tops to our things. Seeing all of them clustered in the cabinet made him even more unhappy! Well, I thought to myself, I know I saw a nice pot organizer but where? Well, I found one right off the TRINITY website called: sliding pot organizer .

This sliding pot organizer will be perfect and has everything I need to set-up within my cabinets. I know I will need at least two sets to install in my kitchen, they only cost $49.00 per set. Just think of the space you’ll have and the freedom of knowing no more pots and pans falling out, along with the fact of removing all that clutter. So worth it , right!

The TRINITY’s Sliding Pot Organizer is a great addition to any kitchen, pantry, or storage area.  This organizer will help prevent the clutter of stacked pots, missing lids, or them being pushed to the back depths of your cabinet. They are made of steel wire dividers and are customized to keep distance between each pot/pan, ensuring there is enough space to hold items of all shapes and sizes.

I can’t wait to have him install these sets in my cabinet! I know not only will this make my life easier when I go to grab a pot or pan,  it will also look really nice when we open up our cabinets and see how well everything is organized!


You too can order  a few sets for your storage needs, just visit TRINITY’S website to see the sliding pot organizer !


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