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Over the years I’m sure many moms like myself have invested in many different types of cling wraps, bags, and lids. Especially with having kids if anyone is prone to spilling anything it’s the kids. Even when it comes to storing certain food I’m always using cling wrap but not anymore since I’ve found the Stretch-N-Seal Silicone Stretch Lids from


No longer will you waste food because it didn’t stay fresh, or worry about any spills anymore. Stretch N’ Seals Silicone lids will now become your favorite lids to have on hand. They will be perfect for just about any size container, food item, or cup. These lids will be great to have in your kitchen this Holidays Season to store your food away!

The lids are easy to wash and store away . I love that I can stretch them over cups, bowls and food items with ease and never have to worry about even using a container. They are made from high quality food grade silicone and are BPA free plus STRETCH N’ SEAL lids come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, you can’t beat that!  The Stretch N’ Seal come in a Variety 7 Pack:

7 sizes in one package to eliminate the hassle of lost lids:

  • 9.1 inch diameter: stretches to 12 inch diamete
  • 8.3 inch diameter: stretches to 11 inch diameter
  • 6.5 inch diameter: stretches to 9 inch diameter
  • 5.7 inch diameter: stretches to 8 inch diameter
  • 4.5 inch diameter: stretches to 6 inch diameter
  • 3.7 inch diameter: stretches to 5 inch diameter
  • 2.8 inch diameter: stretches to 4 inch diameter

It’s so nice to know that these STRETCH N’ SEAL lids are durable, can be stretched over any shape or size food item, is safe, and have that extra thick silicone that won’t tear and can be used over and over. I know I plan to remove all old lids I have placed within my cabinet that do not match anything, actually they are taking up space.

Another great thing I like about these lids is, my children sometimes eat their meals out of a mug and when they don’t finish their meal, I end up throwing food away. Well, with the use of the STRETCH N’ SEAL lids I no longer have to waste any food. I can seal their mugs with the Silicone Stretch Lids and put it directly into the refrigerator to stay fresh. You can also cover your kids drinks with these silicone stretch lids.

Next I found a product from ModFamily that I know my kids and yours will LOVE, it’s the Little Nook Child Play Tent.



This is an awesome tent that will be great for your little ones. The Little Nook Child Play Tent is lightweight and can easily be set up or taken down quickly , plus it’s portable.  You can take this cool tent to the park, on a picnic, over grandma’s or play with it at home. It also gives shade and shelter in the outdoors or creates an indoor kids’ hideaway.  You’ll find this product is very durable and the handle to carry it makes it accessible anytime.  Mom won’t have to drag along any heavy baby or toddler item anymore like a playpen set.

The tent is a great way to allow your children’s imagination to flourish with creative ideas, they can sleep and play all day. The Little Nook Child tent is well ventilated with mesh panels on either side to provide cross ventilation so your kids stay cool, folds flat for convenient storage when not in use, has waterproof polyester fabric with PU coting (polyurethane) and SPF50 for superb protection, easy front mesh door can be rolled up and tied at the top to keep the tent open for easy entry, plenty height and room space for your toddler or baby and much more.

I would definitely recommend both these products and many others from ModFamily to my readers, family, and friends. I love how innovation ModFamily products are and how their motto  is “Products to make life more simple”.  If you ask me, their motto is so true for every product I’ve seen really do make every parent life more simple and I’m so glad I’ve found a site like ModFamly!


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