5 Tips To Keeping Your Lawn Green


Keeping a lawn green during some seasons can be difficult due to weather conditions. In some months of the year, the temperatures are usually very high, usually over 90 degrees. This heat makes it impossible for grass to remain green and therefore turns it brown and dries it up. This will make your lawn look ugly. However, when this happens there are some things you can do to ensure your lawn looks green all through the year.

  1.    Keep your grass long

Make sure you leave your lawn cut at about 3 inches or more. This is important because long grass keeps the soil sheltered from the heat from the sun. This will prevent water or moisture from drying up under the grass and weeds from growing. It will also prevent diseases that are brought about by weeds from forming.

  1.    Good treatment throughout the year

Proper maintenance of your lawn throughout the year will ensure that it remains green. During that time of the year when rains are falling and temperatures are low, maintenance such as aerations and top dressing is necessary. These procedures help the water to get well and deep into the soil and also help reduce compaction of the soil, thus improving the soil structure. Soil aerations help with seed germination too.

  1.    Watering

Water is essential to every living thing. Plants need water to grow and flourish. The same case applies to grass. When there is no rain, make sure your lawn is watered. If not so, the grass will dry up. When it lacks water, the grass gets stressed and finally shuts down completely. When this happens, the only option you will be left with is to plant some more grass to replace your lawn.

  1.    The turf types

Most of the grass in Springboro OH is comprised of cool season grass. The cool season grass thrives in temperatures of between 60 – 70F. When such type of grass is exposed to temperatures higher than those, the plants will be stressed. But the plants can survive the high temperatures if they are healthy. If in any case your lawn was exposed to insects and diseases, the grass might be able to recover. It is very important for you to know the types of turfs in your lawn so that you can maintain it well. As you may be aware, lawn care in Springboro OH is not difficult as long as you understand your lawn’s needs.

  1.    Applying fertilizer

During summer, there is no much rainfall. Your lawn will require something to supplement it. It will need something to keep it healthy to survive the season. The best way to keep it healthy is to apply fertilizer to provide the grass with nutrients. Usually, when the heat is too much, insects tend to thrive in such conditions. Know what to treat your lawn with and how to treat it. You can seek the advice of a technician if you are not sure of what you are doing.

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