Things to Look for when Finding a Removals Company


Things to Look for when Finding a Removals Company

Choosing a reliable, trustworthy removal company can come with many advantages when it comes to moving house. When you decide on the best removal company to suit, this then makes moving house much easier and less stressful. Moving the contents from one home to another takes a great deal of physical and mental organisation. With this said, finding a suitable removal company comes with a big weight being lifted of a family or individuals shoulders.


Planning how you are going to move the contents of one home to another is a key aspect of a removal being successful. When searching for a good removal company, it is a good idea to get multiple quotes from different removal companies and businesses. This will help with taking into account when the move will be able to be completed and also the price and type of service you are going to receive from the company that has been chosen. Many companies will quote you an estimate online, however having an employee from the specific removal company chosen come out to you and give you an in depth more accurate quote would be key to ensuring that value for money is achieved.

Time management is key when preparing for a move and finding a good quality removal company. When decided on a quote date, this can then be a couple of weeks before the company is able to send an estimator out to look at the job, so planning enough time between moving is very important.

Getting a Recommendation

When looking for a removal company, talking to friends and family who have experience in removal companies that has helped them in the past could go a long way to securing a company that is trustworthy and reliable. This acts as a testimonial for the specific company to see if previous customers have been satisfied with the work completed by that removals company, taking away the uncertainty and doubt in mind when a family’s belongings and possessions are being handled by strangers.


An individual or family looking to find a good removal company needs to be sure that the business chosen to do the job, care about the goods they are handling. Cowboy removal companies often have their contact number as just a mobile device. By making sure that the companies full address and landline is clear, this will give security and peace of mind should anything happen to somebody’s items. This then leads to checking the company has up to date quality insurance cover and they are covered for the same goods that need transferring from the property, should there be an usual item that needs removing. Cash payments to the companies can be seen as skeptical, making sure that the payment is made to a company account is good security for the individual who wants the removal doing. This then gives peace of mind that the money the company is given is declared and the home owner has proof of payment should an incident occur.


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