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Tomcat Spin Trap Mouse Trap (Lethal)

This method of catching mice is about the size of your hand, it’s best positioned against a wall or in a corner. It works as an instant kill device, so there’s no suffering in comparison to other lethal traps. You essentially load a space underneath with bait, ideally peanut butter or an actual brand of bait. When the trap is disabled, the yellow section will show marked “not set” which means it’s been trigger but it hasn’t actually captured anything. This probably means you’ve either set it off accidentally whilst setting it up or someone has bumped into it – triggering it. The red section marked “caught” obviously signifies that you’ve caught something in the trap. The mouse smells the bait, goes inside and trips the sensor which triggers the mechanics inside and the trap spins shut causing instant death. One large benefit of this device is that it’s safe for pets and children since you can’t actually get your fingers into the trap or hurt yourself on the mechanisms since it’s inside and around the bend of the device. A bonus for those that are squeamish; this device makes it easy to dispose of the mouse without actually seeing it.

Live-Catch Traps

Lethal methods of pest control isn’t always acceptable. Luckily there’s a variant of the Tomcat traps that provides a humane way of catching them. These traps work in a similar way; once the mouse enters after smelling the bait the device counteracts from the weight and the front end flips down to close the door behind it, trapping the mouse inside the square tube without harming it. You can then take the mouse to a field somewhere away from your home and let it free. The best thing about these traps is that you can reuse them as many times as you wish, whilst capturing them in the most humane way possible.

Cardboard/Toilet Roll

If you don’t feel like buying a brand product for this task then you should try some DIY methods. The most popular way to catch a mouse successfully involves a bin/container of sorts, a cardboard toilet roll and some bait. It’s very easy, so you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t think of it first. You balance the toilet roll on the edge of the table by flattening one side of it so it’s almost like a tunnel. Then you have to bait the entrance of the ‘tunnel’ leading the mouse towards it. Another bit of bait goes at the end of the tunnel – which is overhanging away from the table. Then you simply have to place a bin or container below the edge of the table to capture the mouse once it falls from tipping the toilet roll off of the table.

What About A Cat?

Not all cats are good or even interested in catching mice. Originally they would hunt and catch mice as a survival instinct so they could eat. Domestic cats haven’t had the need to catch mice in a long time so it’s not necessary for them to even attempt to hunt them. Many people are surprised by this since cats often bring in mice or you see them ‘attacking’ smaller animals. This is often just for fun and gives the cat something to chase and play with; it does unfortunately end badly for whatever it decides to play with though. So unless your cat has grown up chasing and hunting mice on a farm or something similar, then it’s unlikely to be interested in catching them for you.

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