3 Things to know about buying a smart bag


Traveling can be a wonderful experience. There’s nothing like experiencing a new culture, eating exotic foods, or taking it unique sites and sounds. But sometimes, travel can also be tiring. This can be due to so many factors, one of which is your luggage.

When you bring the wrong luggage, or the airline loses your bag, it can make things very difficult for you. Fortunately, companies have now come innovated the smart bag. Packed with many features, they truly make traveling more pleasant. Here are some things you should know about buying a smart bag.

  1. It will be more expensive than your usual luggage – This is probably the one reason why most people are turned off with investing in smart luggage. Compared to the luggage that you can buy, they are definitely more expensive. Expect to add hundreds of dollars to the usual amount you pay for a bag. Another downside to a smart bag is that because of some features, it might prove difficult to get it through airport security. While it does not happen each and every time, there have been reports of some brands that had a hard time getting through airport security. Of course, it has been remedied after some time, but it would be inconvenient for you if you had to catch a flight and you might miss it because of luggage issues.
  2. It is packed with so many features – The best thing about a smart bag are the features. This is why you had to pay more after all. Almost all smart bags are equipped with electronic features. You’ll find that you’ll be able to charge your smartphones or even your laptop because of the charging ports. It is also sturdier due to the hard shell of the smart bag. Aside from the charging port, you will also find Bluetooth and even internet capabilities for other bags. Although some say that this can also mean that your bag can be hacked, it is very rare. You can connect the bag with an app which you can use for the digital lock. If you are unsure if you have packed too much into your luggage, some smart bags are able to detect the weight so you don’t have to worry.
  3. There are some brands that have more features than others – While there are some features that you can expect to see in all smart bags, there are other brands that have gone far and beyond the expectation. For example, some smart bags can be folded, which saves space for you at home since some people are not really frequent travelers and will only use the bag occasionally. Some bags are equipped with GPS so it diminishes the worry when the airline loses your luggage as you can track it easily. Some have solar-powered batteries, a drop-down tray that you can use and still others are made sturdy enough that you can even ride it like a motor scooter.

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