Best Personal Alarms Women Can Carry Around With Them


When it comes to our personal safety, we cannot be too careful. We just need to switch on the television or read the newspaper to hear of the senseless and needless attack on members of the public who were quite simply minding their own business and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. For women there are all the sensible precautions, like avoiding dark areas late at night, staying with a group, having a designated driver if you are on a night out but despite that attacks still happen. Many women now look to take further, sensible precautions and one of the safety precautions that is becoming increasingly popular is a personal alarm but what type of features would the best alarms have?

The purpose of carrying and using the best personal alarm is to scare your attacker and have him / her leave you alone. When a person becomes surprised, they often become disoriented and even if that is only for a minute or two, that can enough time for you to be able to run and attract attention.

  • Your alarm should be capable of making a very loud noise and not just a loud noise but a noise that is irritating to the ears and a noise which people do not compare to a house or car alarm. People are often used to hearing car or house alarms go off and unfortunately, they ignore the sound. Not only do you need to scare your attacker but you want to draw attention to yourself.
  • Often women carry alarms when they are going out for the evening. An evening out can mean a small handbag so the alarm should be small enough to fit into your bag. It is not the case that just because an alarm is small, the sound or quality will be compromised, such is not the case, but do check around.
  • Your alarm should be easy to operate and should also be easy to operate in the dark and in adverse weather conditions, so if it has a small switch that has to be located precisely, it is likely to be more difficult to set off. It is one thing standing in the living room of your home operating your alarm compared with operating it when you are in a state of panic. Alarms can be activated in different ways and what suits one person may not necessarily suit another, so try it out to make sure that it is something which you could use in an emergency.

In the event that you are ever in a dangerous situation, you should quickly grab your alarm and set it off. Do not delay and leave the scene as soon as you can and move towards a busy area where there are likely to be shops or people. There are a lot of alarms on the market, read the reviews and check the features prior to your purchase, do this carefully as it could potentially save your life.

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